Tuesday, August 31, 2010

12WBT -22

Saturday.  Funny day, really.  Wifey had to go and get a haircut...that leaves me with a few hours of freedom.  Sadly, freedom on this particular Saturday meant doing the housework.  I know that people say it's exercise.  Really?  Exercise?  I guess there is quite a bit of movement - especially when you're like me and move things from one spot to another...and another...and another...just to put them back where they were to begin with...

We decided to be lazy in the afternoon and went to the movies - went and saw the kiwi flick, Boy.  It was funny as.  Brought back a few memories of when I was growing up 'back home'.

I'm sure we did other things, especially given it was a warm, breezeless, sunny day.  I might've gone out and done some weeding...in fact I did.  How can I be certain?  Because I clearly remember seeing some buds coming up on the lemon tree and thinking that it could be a good crop this year (as opposed to the one we got last year - we were thinking we'd ended up with a lemon...haha ;) ).

Last night's dinner: Didn't have dinner because we had a big (and bad) lunch.  Oopsies again.  Bloody weekends.

The Book of General Ignorance fact: The biggest thing a blue whale can swallow is a grapefuit (their throats are about the size of a salad plate).

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