Monday, August 23, 2010

12WBT - pre-season day 1 (-28 days to go)

Oh boy!  What have I let myself in for?

So.  The other week, while I was an unemployed bum - sorry, frantically working on my PhD full-time - I caught a snippet of Michelle Bridges on 'The Circle' (I didn't watch it *that* often, but they're an awesome group of chicks) and thought to myself, "Michelle & Shannon do a good job on 'The Biggest Loser' - this could be a good thing to try".  Signed up for the pre-pre-season message and waited.

Last night I thought I'd pop on to the 12WBT site to see if it was active for registrations and lo and behold - it was (ironically, the email from Michelle came through telling me it was just after I'd signed up).  Signing up was the easy part - even the parting of money was.  Having wifey sitting beside me as I did so was a bonus (yay for the support!).  What was hard was the introduction.  I mean, it wasn't really difficult - I just hate doing them for some bizarre reason (laziness - hey, it's bizarre ;) ).  Anyhow, as I'm a person who likes to win where possible I figured I wasn't going to win if I couldn't even tick off the first 'challenge'.  Fired something off - easy peasy.  I just hope the weight falls off as easy now - haha.

So.  That brings us to day one.  One month until the 12-week program begins in earnest and boy am I ready for it!  Don't usually like counting down for things as it seems like I'm willing days to fly by (and I'm not getting any matter how much I tell myself I am) but for this, I'll let it slide.

Have set up this blog.  Updated my forum profile (which will now need re-updated to pop the blog's URL in).  Uploaded a photo.  Read some introductions and now ready to roll.

Come on, Mich - BRING IT ON! :D

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