Wednesday, August 25, 2010

12WBT -26

Oh boy.  Day two started out as a fizzer.  The sun was shining and I was SO tempted to go out and lie in the hammock (the plan was to only move when I had to pee or move the hammock to make the most of the sun).  There was a problem get to the hammock meant walking past the laptop and the pile of notes that I had to type up.  If I looked the other way (if I can't see the notes then they can't see me...) there was a big pile of ironing (the joys of being the house hubby...only a few more days of it though).  I could've easily left the notes & the ironing where they were and lazed in the sun but no.  

My name's EP and I'm the world's biggest procrastinator.

Look, if'n I'm-a goin' to do this 12WBT I'm-a goin' to have to change my mindset.  Yup, true story!

SO...despite gazing longingly at the beautiful sun beaming onto the balcony, I plonked my bottom on the couch, picked up the papers and laptop and started typing (this was the better alternative to doing the still waits).  All along I was telling myself I would be rewarded with a walk in the sun before it disappears (luckily I like walking, so it is a reward).  At 3pm I went off for a lovely jaunt.  Okay, it was only for 30mins, but boy was it good.  It's great walking around in the bush - only minutes away from the hub of the city... (The irony of what I've been working on is definitely not lost on me today - decision-making processes & theories!)

I've decided that rewarding myself is the way to go.  It's like a personal challenge...that I win ;) (Not that winning is important...much...okay, it is...a little...fine...a lot.)  I just have to ensure that the prizes do not consist of chocolate...or cheese.  Cheese is definitely one of my weaknesses (and one of Wifey's too - but don't tell her I said that).  To be fair, neither of us really have a lot of weaknesses that are terribly bad for you.  We don't smoke or do drugs (the odd neurofen is about it) and we very rarely drink.  That's not entirely true.  We do drink a lot.  Just not the alcoholic stuff.  We're partial to a glass of wine, but a couple of weeks ago we tipped two or three bottles out that had rudely committed suicide on our watch (clearly they didn't take too well to being sat around and ignored).  This is a good thing.  

Sadly, I know that I sit around on my bottom too much - at work and at home.  Another thing I'm hoping to change (will be easier now that summer is around the corner...and Masterchef is over! (anyone else find they schedule meals etc around these shows...and when they finish are like stunned mullets not knowing what to watch on tele or what to do with all the spare time?)).  Instead of sitting down after dinner last night, Wifey and I figured we'd give the ol' rock 'n' roll a bit of a practice.  Was only for about 20 minutes as my feet and brain weren't talking to each other.  We then thought that we'd finish off the hour with boxing.  Oh, boy!  Am I so not fit or what?  I have decided that having dinner first isn't the best idea...

Reading Michelle's comment about why she's making us wait a month before starting makes sense to me.  She's clearly got her head screwed on (does that mean that mine isn't?  It was the last time I checked in on it).  I'm now hoping like anything that this initial enthusiasm doesn't disappear on me.  Aww, who am I kidding?  The little surprises (i.e., tasks) will keep me comin' back for more.

Last night's dinner: Sundried tomato spaghetti (ok, pasta in the evening is bad, but there are some things that will take a lot longer to change).

The Book of General Ignorance fact: Moths are not attracted to flames.  Apparently they're disoriented by them.

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