Friday, August 27, 2010

12WBT -24

Oh boy.  The second pre-season task was unlocked.  I think I might've said in yesterday's entry that I didn't want it to be too confronting.  CRAP.  It was.  I liked Michelle's email saying the video should be watched without distraction - the best piece of advice ever.  I started it with some background music (as I love to have background noise) but had to restart it with the music off.  That's almost unheard of.

Having to document excuses...and solutions.  Hmm.

I'm good at coming up with excuses.  But solutions?  Actually, when sitting down thinking about it, my excuses are so bloody lame!  It's kinda embarrassing really :(

Internal excuses:

1. Gyms are for fit people NOT fat people.
2. I'm not letting people see me exercising.
3. People shouldn't have to see me getting sweaty.
4. I eat because I'm bored or stressed.
5. Simply, I can't be arsed!

Internal excuses - solutions:
1. Who said I have to go to a gym?  We have some equipment at home; we have a bush track at the door and a reserve down the street.  Besides which, gyms HELP fat people become fit people - I don't need to be wearing the tightest fitting clothing or be competing with guys on weights.

2 & 3. Why shouldn't people see me exercising or getting sweaty?  Doesn't that mean I'm trying to take care of myself (finally)?  Isn't that a good thing?  Of course it is!  Besides which, I know I believe the world revolves around me, but that doesn't mean that just because I'M out in public that everyone is looking to see what I'm doing!

4. Bulls**t!  I eat because my current eating patterns are crap.  I don't eat brekkie (even though I know I should) and I've only recently started eating lunches.  Getting up 10mins earlier in the morning will give me time to have brekkie (and to throw grazing snacks in with my homemade lunch).  If I am bored or stressed, then I can still eat, but eat healthy snacks - not a bar of choccy or packet of crisps.

5. What does this really mean?  Of course I can be arsed!  It's a case of mind over matter.  I did the City2Surf this year (even though when I woke up that morning I couldn't be arsed doing it).  I've signed up for this program.  I'm signing up for two more fun runs this year.  Y'know what?  I can't be arsed using this excuse any more!

External excuses within my control:
1. Work takes over my life.
2. When work isn't taking over, study is.
3. 'The Biggest Loser' or 'Masterchef' is on tele.
4. I only prefer exercising in the mornings - Wifey prefers the evenings - and I'd rather snuggle up in the winter mornings with her.

External excuses within my control - solutions:
1. Work takes over my life because I CHOOSE to let it.  Starting a new job next week means I am in an easier position to make a change so that it doesn't.

2. Study is only a temporary thing for me.  All going to plan I will finish my thesis this year.  Until then I will dedicate one day of the weekend to study, starting as soon as I get up (given I can't sleep in beyond about 6.30am on a weekend...).  Study will not be able to take over as I will get into a (flexible) routine.

3. Neither show is on tele at the moment.  I therefore have no excuse.  When they are on tele, they can be recorded and watched before going to sleep (the ads can be skipped and so can the boring parts).

4. Winter is nearly gone.  No excuse there.  Compromise with Wifey.  One week we'll exercise in the mornings, the next week in the evenings OR a couple of evenings & a couple of mornings each week.  Adds a bit of variety to the program, too.

External excuses outside my control:
1. I'm a fussy eater.

External excuses outside my control - solutions:
1. It's not being fussy.  I have reactions to eating seafood and nuts.  This does make life more difficult but not impossible.  There are always substitutes (grains instead of nuts etc).


I'm 100% sure I use more excuses that these.  These are just the 'big' ones I often cite.  I should ask Wifey what she often hears me say - the list will no doubt grow substantially then!  Am I ready to hear them?  I think I am.

Went for a short (20min) walk - didn't end up doing anything else.  Wifey's been well busy with work of late and she was home at a semi-reasonable time last night so we just chilled together.  Even though it was just sitting around talking, it's important to have this time.  With people having busy lives, I believe we should take time out, ignoring external influences, and just talk - mainly shite in our case, but not exclusively.

Last night's dinner: Met up with Wifey for lunch (and it was a very substantial one at that!).  By the time dinner came around, neither of us were hungry.  BAD THING!  We picked...  On the plus side of this, there's less in the way of junk in the cupboards (not that we had that much to begin with).  We decided that, as we are both well partial to cheese, we would not buy any more of the treat cheeses (smoked, brie, camembert...).  Was easy to make that decision last night.  Will be interesting how the first weekend goes...

The Book of General Ignorance fact: You're more likely to be caught in a hailstorm in the Western Highlands of Kenya than anywhere else.

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