Saturday, August 28, 2010

12WBT -23

What's with the daily entries?  Sheesh!  You'd think I love the sound of my own voice, wouldn't you?  I mean, I like the sound of my own voice in principle; it's like when you hear your voice played back to you - I don't like that ;)  

I've decided to do the daily entries just to make sure I'm keeping on top of the program.  If I felt I could be more sporadic, I would.  Alas, that's not the way I roll.  If I don't do it daily, then there'll be something that stops me doing it later.  Usually one of two main things - I forget the silly password to the site (believe me, it happens more often than I'd care to admit!) or, more commonly, I forget what's happened over the last couple of days.  Once I hit about...13...I think 'old timers' started to set in.  By the time I hit 21, CRAFT was well and truly established.  Someone once laughed at me for saying that but realised I was quite serious when I'd be telling a story and mid-way through forget what I was talking about.  True story.  Ish ;)  I'm not quite that bad, but give me a few weeks of reduced junk food & more exercise - lol.

Was going to go for a walk in the morning...BUT (yes, here comes the excuse), I remembered that I had a doctors appointment.  They're evil beings.  This one took blood AND gave me two shots in the arm (which has been a bit tender since...but only when Wifey's around and I can try to get sympathy ;) ).  I mustn't complain.  I'd rather have the shots than end up with something fun like Yellow Fever or Typhoid.  I did end up walking around a bit afterwards, just not the kind of walk I like - where people don't just stop in the middle of the pavement for no apparent reason.  Call me fussy (everyone else does) but I prefer to be in my 'zone' when out walking - not stop/starting all the time.  Just sayin'.

Wifey and I were talking about exercise.  I'm nowhere near as ready for it as I should be.  At least I know I have her support in it all.  We're going to come up with a schedule to attack it - building exercise into our everyday routine.  What do they say?  It takes 21 days to make a habit and only one to break it?  Something like that...  Our plan of attack is to make it fun!  (I have a sneaking suspicion that Wifey is going to be treating me like a kid - make it fun & he'll do it ;) ).  The new routine will begin on Monday.  We were also talking about the goals I have for the 12WBT program - getting me ready for when pre-season task 3 is unlocked.  Am looking forward to documenting these...and checking them off, too.

Last night's dinner: Slipped up yet again...had hotdogs (with limited cheese...but perhaps too much mustard). 

The Book of General Ignorance fact: The largest living thing in the world is a mushroom - by virtue of its 'root' system (mycelia).

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