Tuesday, November 30, 2010

12WBT +72

Why is it that when you go away for the weekend they fly by.  Ugh.  Really didn't want to be waking up with the alarm today.  Then, to compound matters, having to drag myself out of bed and to work.  Not a happy chappy.  The more I really, really tried to be enthused, the less it was a happening thing.

Old Mother Hubbard was in our house over the weekend.  When we got home, she'd raided all our cupboards and left us with nothing.  This makes for a challenging time for brekkies and lunches.  Well, not so much brekkie.  Have cereals, have brekkie.  Lunch, on the other hand, was a bit more meagre.  Ended up having four rice cakes - naked.  We didn't have anything to put on them (not anything I felt like, anyhow). At least it was something - and not something terribly bad.

Wanted to go home and have a workout but seeing as I had the eye prob yesterday, that was wiped by a visit to the optometrist (which was followed up by a visit to Wifey at work).  After this, we had to go and fill up the cupboards (then to cook dinner) - the evening flew by.  When we did finally get home from the groceries, it was around 8pm.  Didn't leave much time for exercising - boo.  We had the no bread burgers for dinner - varied to be more a loose mince wrap (using Mexican spices).  Was very tasty.  Only thing was the mountain bread was a bit weak and we had a few spillages.  I guess, worse things do happen at sea - or so I'm told.

I must confess - I snuck on the scales in the morning to see how much I'd put on in Brissie.  Shock, horror - dropped 1kg.  Fingers crossed this lasts until Weds :)  I said to Wifey that in some respects, I'm happy to ease back on the exercises this week - just to see what effect they are having on the weight loss.  Time will tell.  This could just be my way of saying, "over this now".  I don't think it is though.

Hmm - hope you hadn't thought I'd forgotten about the blog, especially this late into the piece.  I hadn't.  Life took over for a bit and I had only been popping in a few bullet point notes to expand on.  Have just done some spit & polishing to flesh them out - hence the mass update!

12WBT +71

So pleased that I had a chance for a bit of a sleep-in, especially given the rude awakening yesterday.  Even still, it was still a nice and early start for the day.

After we got up and showered, we all went up to New Farm for breakfast (where I pigged out and had sausage, eggs and ciabatta, with wilted spinach - YUM!).  We then went for a walk around the park, to the Powerhouse and back to the car.  This was a very leisurely walk, but was still around an hour or so more than what we would've usually done.  Stopped off at a couple of bookstores and managed to find the complete 'Denis The Menace' collection.  That was a nice wee score for me, so I was pleased.  I think that if we were to move to Brissie, New Farm would definitely be on my list of suburbs to look at.  Wifey might have a different list.  It would be quite nice to have Sunday brunch and then go for a stroll around there each week...

We didn't really have lunch and dinner was only a sandwich.  I'm definitely not complaining - breakfast was well filling, thank you.

While we were sitting down watching the tele, I had this really odd experience with one of my eyes.  I lost the peripheral vision in my right eye and had these awesome shimmery lines across it.  Never had anything like it before.  It was odd looking at someone and only seeing one half of their face - knowing that there should be more.  Was the same watching tele - half the screen was not there.  It wasn't black, it just wasn't there.  Try explaining this one away...

On the plane home we had a small chorizo and potato pocket.  It was more flaky pastry than anything else but it filled in a few minutes of the flight.  By the time we got home, which wasn't terribly late but did involve another argument with City Rail, we were too knackered to worry about even the thought of facing getting groceries.  They can wait.  Tomorrow is, after all, another day.  (Besides, they might have better produce out on a Monday as opposed to a Sunday).

12WBT +70

Made omelettes for the family for breakfast today.  Three eggs (3 whites, 1 yolk).  Very tasty, as I'd filled them with onion, tomato, ham and a wee bit of cheese...oh, and parsley.  On a normal trip to Brissie, we don't have brekkie until around 10-10.30am.  Today - we'd eaten by around 8.30am.  Someone had internal body clock problems.  Woke myself up at 5.40am...Sydney time.  Arrrrgh.  4.40am.  Wide awake.  How shocking was this?  As usual, I didn't want to disturb Wifey - or get up and wake up her parents.  I lay there and played with the phone...until the battery died.  By then, it was almost 7am and Wifey was stirring.

We went out to look at a couple of new rings for Wifey and to get some keys cut.  This was OK (the mall was a bit chaotic for some reason - Christmas, perhaps?).  Did get a bit stressful driving around the carpark - up, down, up, down...  In the end, we got dropped off and walked home after we were finished.  It's handy that Wifey's parents live only about 10 minutes away from the mall (and I was quite happy that it wasn't too unbearably hot).

Friends came over with their baby for afternoon tea - was nice to catch up with them again (last chance before Christmas).  Wifey's mum put on this brilliant spread that I felt I picked at too much, though in reality, didn't.  Could've been a lot worse.  This ended up being our lunch as well, so in my mind the calorie count wasn't too bad (especially compared to had we had lunch and the afternoon tea).  Dinner was a lovely wee roast.  I managed to contain myself for this and not act like a glutton (as I so often did).

Come 10pm I had run right out of juice - even though there hadn't been anything strenuous going on - just a brisk walk.

12WBT +69

Let's start off with food (food is good, after all).

Brekkie consisted of a slice of banana bread - nothing overly exciting, but enjoyable and filling (and within the calorie count, to boot!).  When I made the last batch of this, I added some poppy seeds for additional flavour.  This works well...except I always seem to get one stuck in my teeth.  Hmm.

Lunch was a simple salad.  Simple salads are a quick and tasty alternative when we're either (a) running out of things in the pantry or (b) can't be bothered doing anything else :)  How easy is it to throw in a small can of four bean mix, some lettuce, cherry tomatoes etc (including avocado and walnuts for Wifey).  The bonus is I don't even need to mix it up - it gets a good shake in my bag on the way into work.

Dinner - now this is a bit of a different story.  Seeing as we were flying out to Brissie, we had to grab something at the airport.  You'd think that at Sydney airport would have some decent eateries but nope.  They're shit.  Not only shit - over priced.  We had some Chinese.  It was ok, have had a lot better, but I was more than a tad hungry at the time.

I have to say, we were good before we went out to the airport.  Had a session with PT.  Managed to burn off another 980 calories - not sure how many were put back on by eating the Chinese for dinner, most likely quite a few.  I'm trying to work on the basis that I'm going to be good over this weekend away...can't afford a gain this close to the end of the program - gotta look good for the party - lol.

12WBT +68

Breakfast: cereal, fruit & yoghurt.  I'm finding, as I've not been having this almost every day, that I do start missing this.  I like the cinnamon with yoghurt and the oats and ground linseed with the cereal du jour.  Highly recommend it.  In terms of portion size, I usually have about 10-15g of cereal, depending on the cereal (and the container I'm using).

Lunch: Rice crackers with shaved chicken.  A nice, light lunch.  Wasn't even peckish - perhaps because I was pottering around at work while eating and wasn't focussing exclusively on the food - lol.

Did my usual DVD workout today.  I know I should be pushing myself more but I'm still thoroughly enjoying doing them - and burning off between 750 and 900 calories each hour (tonight it was only 765 - obviously not putting in what I should've).  I will go to the gym - next year...  I know PT is very keen for me to go so I can work on the weights, in particular.

We didn't have the lasagne for dinner tonight.  Even though it's ok, it's in the bottom of our pick of recipes.  Instead, we made the laksa that is scheduled for later on.  A certain blogger here is partial to this - especially when Wifey adds an extra bit of kick to it - lol.

12WBT +67

Ahh.  A beautiful sunny day.  Guess what!  I got to work at home today.  What a bonus.  The unfortunate thing was that I did actually work.  Had a huge pile of readings to get through...and part of a report to write.  At least there was the possibility of sitting out in the sun if I felt like it.

The day started well.  Weighed in and, despite my thoughts yesterday about how much I'd gain, I surprised myself and had another loss.  800g this time.  Still, am now officially below 95kgs - first time since...God, most likely high school?  So what's that - about 15-odd years?  Hmm.  Here's hoping I can keep it up.  Off to Brisbane this weekend to see the family there.  Wifey's mum does a good job of ensuring we're never hungry so this will be my first real big challenge - seeing if I can restrain myself from all the scrummy food put out for us...

Did a market research thing this morning.  They're interesting to do (says he who just did his first one).  Got $150 for an hour and a half sitting there talking about stuff.  S'ok.  Just had to make up the time with work.  The good thing about working from home is that there are no emails or phone calls to interrupt me so even if I didn't make up the hours, I still would've got all the work (and more done).  Oh, I can access emails from home, I just purposely haven't asked how I go about it.  Sneaky, huh? :)

With having to go to the market research session, I forgot all about my brekkie (which explained why my tummy kept talking to me).  I decided that rather than picking up a snack, or eating something at home I would just wait until lunch.  Even prepping lunch I was worried I'd be starving and end up eating much more than I should.  Nope.  Didn't happen!  I had my four rice cracker things with tomato on them and was more than contented with that.  Maybe my will power and stomach are starting to work as a team?  Let's hope they don't have any falling outs that I will have to contend with - I hate being in the middle of fights/arguments (especially ones where I could be the loser - haha).

Met up with Wifey to go to a couple of sales in the evening.  Was a bit stressy at times - I hate large crowds of people, especially ones with no manners.  Got a few good deals, so all was good in the world.  By the time we got home it was rather late-ish.  Ended up having some toast for dinner...after I assembled our new BBQ, that is :)  New gadgets.  All happy.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

12WBT +66

Blah.  Today is another fat day.  I think every Tuesday I'm feeling like this.  Today's estimate for tomorrow's weigh in is: +1.4kgs.

The popcorn and sweets didn't help.  Nor did the crackers yesterday.  Or the two consecutive days of sandwiches over the weekend.  Hmm...

Today's accelerator day is weird.  I had a couple of boiled eggs for brekkie (since I'm not arsed making an omelette unless it's the weekend).  Lunch was a modified salad, including four beans, boiled potato, boiled egg and a couple of bits of shaved chicken breast.  It was tasty - albeit a wee bit bland.  The stir-fry was, as always, tasty.  Wifey does a mean stir-fry (and carefully picks out as much of the mushroom as she can for Mr Fussy here).  I could handle that most nights.  I do have to admit to having a hankering for risotto again...fingers crossed it appears in week 11's menu.  WOW!  Just saying week 11 is making me reflect on how far I've come (mentally as well as physically) since the start of the program.

Exercise today was back to my fav Cardio Killer DVD.  I think I'm starting to know what Shannan and Mish are about to say...almost line for line.  Sadness epitomised!  Not sure what was up today, but I only did 684 calories.  Am not happy with my efforts in that respect.  On the other hand, I did SO much better with the static lunges and squats - actually, with all the lunges and squats, to be fair.  I'm happy that I'm able to do them without the burn kicking in until the very last minute.  When I first started, the burn was starting before I even pressed play on the DVD! ;)  Okay, that may've been a slight exaggeration but it's not that far from the truth.  

I do have to work a bit more on toning the jelly on the belly.  I'm going through this really mature phase of grabbing a handful of it and jiggling it about - usually when Wifey's around.  It's quite disgusting.  I need to get rid of it - sooner rather than later.  Much sooner!

Wifey's not going to come to the training in the Domain with me :(  She's going to get a haircut instead (which I do approve of as it'll make her more bootiful for the end of season party that evening :) ).  As we can bring a friend, I've asked my mate from work.  We talk exercise.  We're sad like that ;)  Actually, we're doing the fun runs together now, so it's all good.  She's well keen to see what it's all about and I work better if there's someone to keep me company (being a shy wallflower and all - haha).

Popped into the forums before - first time in a while - and boy, the negativity I was feeling a week or two back is well and truly gone.  Granted, I didn't read a lot, just a handful, but the positive vibes are really flowing through there now - so much support from so many people.  Who needs drugs for a high - just pop in and read a few threads.  To be fair, I think it's been like that all along and I was just in a negative headspace (without really realising it at the time, as is often the case).  Hmm...might pop back in for another "fix" of positivity...

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

12WBT +65

I first have to start off by saying that I received yet another big box of DVDs from Amazon.  This pleases me very, very much.  There's nothing better than when your DVDs arrive and there are TV series that you've not seen before (that sound well funny)...and ones you have seen and are looking forward to again watching (hoping that they'll be as funny now as they were 10 or 20 years ago).  Sadly, that was the excitement du jour in my wee world.

It was just another day at the office...literally and in terms of meals.  Standard brekkie of cereal, berries & yoghurt.  Lunch comprising of four rice crackers and chicken (only 'cos someone doesn't like turkey...or avocado).  Had a couple of crackers when I got home (*sigh*) and then had the lovely pizza for dinner.  As much as I do love pizza, I think having them every week is becoming a wee bit too much - even for me.  I shan't complain though.  When we're away the chances of me having pizza will most likely be very, very slim (which is what I'd like to be one of these days ;) ).

The evening did fly by ever so quickly.  I was planning on going for a walk with Wifey but by the time we both got home, mucked about for a bit and then looked at the time, it was time for dinner...either that or dinner would be at some stupid time like 9pm.  Not having that on my watch, thankyouverymuch.  

I am feeling somewhat guilty for being so slack over the last couple of weeks in terms of my exercise routine.  It's starting to wane a wee bit.  I have made a mental plan that I will be joining the gym in the new year - regardless of my weight.  I'll give it a trial shot for a week when we get back (got a voucher for one free week at Fitness First so will make sure I use it to the max - every day at the gym with Wifey before she goes back to work...unlike me, who will already be back at work, bugger it all - haha).  I don't think I'll tell PT about this until I've made up my mind that I enjoy the gym first.  Would hate to commit to this and then hate, loathe and detest the place!

My goals for the new year are changing quicker than I ever could've imagined.  One of the girls at work and I are trying to tee up a small group to go on fun runs through 2011.  All going to plan we'll each pick one and be responsible for organising everyone for it.  As a 'reward', the organiser will get to nominate the charity.  Sounds good, eh?  Along with this, there's my plan to go to the gym.  I hope that by the end of Round 1, 2011, I'll be at least another 10-15kgs lighter.  I'm now not so worried about that as I am my general fitness, truth be told.  It will be nice to lose the weight but even nicer to be fit - fit for the future.  'S my motto now (apparently - I do come up with quite a few mottos every so often...mainly 'cos I can never remember what they all were...memory like a sieve, huh).

12WBT +64

Ahh... Sunday.  A chance for a well-deserved sleep-in.  Well, in theory that's how it works.  My body clock doesn't seem to ever want to work with my theories.  I was awake at some ridiculous hour for a Sunday morning and didn't want to get up in case I woke Wifey up (bless, she's such a light sleeper...unlike me).

When we did finally get up it was to do the exciting (mundane!) housebitching.  As we'd changed our PT time from yesterday to today, we were sort of thrown out of kilter by the interruption to the day.  Normally it's not so bad - we have a 7.30am Saturday session with PT and then the weekend to ourselves.  This was a bit of a cultural shift - haha.  I guess what made it more of a shock to the system was that it was considerably warmer at 10am than it is at 7.30am - especially seeing as our favourite spot is in full sun in the mornings (which will no doubt be a massive blessing when the weather changes :) ).

Again, it was another PT session that I thoroughly enjoyed.  God, don't tell me I'm starting to get a bit of a buzz from these?!?  What on earth is happening to me?  Maybe my body has been taken over by an alien...or something.  Nooooooooo.   

Okay.  Moment of insanity over...for now.

So, the PT session.  I even enjoyed the running and sit ups.  PT got out the skipping rope today.  That would've been hilarious for anyone watching.  I'm so pants with the skipping rope it's not even funny!  Actually, I'm so pants that it is funny ;)  By the end of the session I was down another 875 calories.  Perhaps that's my intrinsic motivation now?  Perhaps it's not?

By the time we got back home and showered it was time to head back out again.  This time, back to the shops to pick up a couple of last minute things I'd forgotten the day before - and to have a light lunch before heading to the movies - Harry Potter 7.  It was a good movie, but boy did it make us feel lazy (I almost, almost, felt well guilty for sitting there eating popcorn...salted, at that).

The sad thing about having the popcorn (and the sweets - oopsy) was that it really filled us up (how terribly bad is that?).  We didn't even bother having dinner when we got home.  Mind you, we got home and then straight out again - this time to stock up the cupboards for the week (we looked as if we were dossing with Old Mother Hubbard!).  Getting home from the supermarket was this huge sigh of relief - only to realise that the weekend was officially nearing an end - but the exciting thing is that...wait, the exciting things coming up are (a) the end of season workout in the Domain (yay!!!), (b) the end of season party (yay!!!) and (c) our big Christmas holiday :D  So much to look forward to!  Moreso because of the 12WBT!

Sunday, November 21, 2010

12WBT +63

Once again, the weekend rocks around and our body clocks tell us to wake up at normal, weekday time.  This sucks the big one.  We're both in dire need of a bit of an energy boost and a sleep-in would be just the ticket.

Not to be.  Oh well. How sad.  Never mind.  What's done is did (or is it what's did is done?).

We got up and had brekkie (toast - with marmite on it for me.  Not good, but at the same time, oh so good!) and then off to do Christmassy shopping.  Have to get it over and done with now as between now and heading away for Christmas, our weekends are filling up way too quickly.  That was pretty much how the day was spent.  Granted, it wasn't as painful as it could've been.  Mainly because we went to new places (for us) and they weren't overly crowded (or full of kids).

The evening was brill, though.  We went off to the Sydney Theatre Company's production of Uncle Vanya.  A bit of Chekov is good.  What was really enjoyable, though, was seeing Cate Blanchett, Hugo Weaving, Richard Roxburgh and Jackie Weaver all on stage.  Awesome!

Sadly, the end of the day means one day closer to the weekend ending.  Ahh, next weekend's only a few days away :)

Once again, I'm slipping with getting these entries up on time.  I'm trying (and constantly told how trying I am by my family...) to be good.  Just not always panning out the way I plan.  Curses! :)

12WBT +62

TGIF - finally!

This seems to have been a long week.  Not sure whether it's as a result of all the different weather we've had; that work's been a bit slow (particularly during the first couple of days); that I'm getting more and more excited about our holiday; that I'm now starting to look forward to Christmas...or what it is!

Had another early meeting today.  Rushed into the kitchen to make sure I had my brekkie first - a couple of naked crumpets (I'm now at the stage where I'm repulsed by the idea of butter on them).  Quickly scoffed them and off to the meeting.  Had to type up a report from the meeting but put that off to focus on my data set (loving this!).  Worked through lunch (as I thought I might start doing :( ) - I did eat my wrap though.  Wasn't going to miss out on that!

As it's Friday, I'm back to having this as my rest day.  Just the weekly walk to the gym to meet Wifey after her one-on-one PT session.  It was enough.  Friday's seem to drain me and I look forward to whatever I do on Saturdays and Sundays more.  Weird.  Hey, that's me ;)

Once again, we walked into the house to make a bee-line for the kitchen and start on dinner.  Tofu Pad Thai (with hoi-sin rather than fish sauce).  I thoroughly enjoyed this dish.  After finishing it, I really wanted more...but showing it's all in the mind, five minutes later I'd forgotten that I'd felt peckish.  Go team EP - haha.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

12WBT +61

Rather than doing a DVD, for a change again we thought we'd go off for a walk.  This worked out rather well considering we had mail to post (over 12 months after we moved in and we're still getting mail for the previous peeps) and clothes to drop off at the charity bin.  It wasn't a long walk (maybe 45mins) but we were out there in the fresh air.  Also served a secondary (tertiary?) purpose - I've been needing to try and break in some new shoes and what perfect way than to go walking.  Yes, I was worried that my feet would be completely destroyed by them (I have a habit of blistering very easily and quickly in new shoes - I'm a delicate person you know).  Luckily, no blisters.  This bodes well as I think I'll be wearing these shoes a bit when we're away in Africa - especially when going up to see the rellies (gorillas ;) ).

Our walk was only down to the reserve, a loop around the wee track there and then through the bush track home (as opposed to the easier and quicker road).  I had a bit of a sweat up afterwards, which surprised me given that it didn't feel overly strenuous and it wasn't that warm (being the evening and all).

When we got home it was a case of making dinner (I wish the faeries would have come in and done that whilst we were out - domestics are such a chore ;) ).  Chickpea rissoles.  These didn't look much as they were being prepped - they seemed a little, well, runny.  Rolled them in breadcrumbs to see if that would help.  Seemed to do the trick.  Only thing with these is that one should never let EP put in the chilli flakes.  2 teaspoons...and another couple, just in case they've run out of kick, later...  They did have a nice wee bite to them, which was tasty.  Wifey also whipped up a nice wee side salad with them (including beetroot - I love beetroot!).  I rate this dinner, thanks.

Lunch was a rushed salad.  I'm over doing lunches each day.  It's a chore and a half.  This was just a case of a handful of leaves, a tiny tin of mixed beans, beetroot, cottage cheese, tomato and cracked pepper (oh, and a splash of balsamic for luck).  Was tasty but perhaps a few too many flavour sensations for today?  Hmm.

Got all excited at work - I was sent a data file from a survey that I've got to do the analysis on.  How exciting!  It's the first chunk of a project I'm working on so it'll be great to sink my teeth into something substantial.  I'm working across two areas at the moment so it's starting to get a bit tricky juggling my time.  I'll cope.  I need to start getting out for a walk during lunches again - although now with my data I fear I'm going to want to sit in front of it playing :)

12WBT +60

Disappointment doesn't even begin to explain my feelings after stepping on the scales this morning.  Yes, there was a loss of 1.4kgs, for which I am more than grateful for, however given I had a great PT session on Friday evening and followed this up with a killer of a walk on Saturday, I thought it might've been at least 2kgs.  I'm kinda saddened it wasn't.  Nevermind.  I'm not going to get down about it - that could end up sabotaging my efforts.  When I looked at the stats page when entering my weight, I smiled.  With the exception of the first week (where there was no change), I've only gone up on two weigh-ins - and then, neither were more than 1kg.  A 100g loss is better than a 100g gain :)

Worked seemed much more like a Friday than a Wednesday today.  Not sure what that was all about.  Managed to get lots of small things achieved - my way of putting off a larger task that I have hanging over my head.  Oddly, it's a task that I'm happy to do but I have to be in the right frame of mind to get done.  It's like some of the domestic chores - you will do anything else but this...knowing you're only putting off the inevitable (I guess losing weight was in the same boat for me, too).  I know I'll buckle down and get stuck into it, it's just a matter of when...and knowing that something more enjoyable is coming up in the next week, I should get this done soon!  Ahh, if only I could win the lottery and retire...

Had my usual Special K, rolled oats & linseed (with yoghurt, blueberries and apples) for brekkie.  I really must start getting into the habit of having a cup of tea with it (am enjoying the nettle tea on the rare occasion I do have a cuppa).  The wrap for lunch was tasty.  I added a boiled egg to it, for a bit of extra flavour.

When I got home and thought about today's exercise, I realised I'd not really been focussing on toning (short of the core work done in the usual DVD).  Dug out the toning one and went through the motions of that.  Phew!  It shows how piss weak my core area is.  I really struggled with most of it (perhaps why I've not done it in a while?).  I think I should add a 10min session of it to my daily DVD stint - just to play it safe and improve on the middle (which is my Archille's heal - not the actual one, of course).  PT wants to move our Saturday morning session to Sunday morning this week.  Not sure if I'm totally happy with this idea, but I don't have much choice in the matter.  I must do a DVD on Saturday morning instead.  Not quite the same as PT, but still...

I know I'm not the world's biggest red meat fan but boy did I enjoy the steak & corn salsa for dinner!  The portion size of steak is perfect for one who's not a great fan.  Don't get me wrong, I do enjoy a good steak - just not terribly often.  It works well with the salsa (without the avocado, of course).  Nice little bursts of flavour in the mouth (not to mention the splashes of colour on the plate).  Deffo keeps me happy.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

12WBT +59

Accelerator day.  Crap.  What happened?  Because it was a salmon salad, some twat crossed off the ingredients without thinking about substituting for the salmon.  The same, aforementioned twat also didn't want to get up earlier to make the omelette for brekkie.  Hmm.  I think we need a new twat in our house - lol.  

Brekkie was two boiled eggs.  Lunch was to be a store bought salad (and another boiled egg I took in for luck) but I was still full from the two eggs at brekkie.  All I had was a small handful of mixed seeds.  To be honest, even when I got home from work I wasn't hungry - not even peckish.  I figured I'd do my exercise (back to the DVDs now that the spare room is free of house guests and I have room to move).  I've said it hundreds of times, but I really, really enjoy these DVDs.  Lots and lots!  Mind you, I wonder if it's because I'm now also starting to enjoy exercising (e.g., enjoying the PT session last Friday - so much so I even told PT this!)?  I could get used to this exercise lark.  If I lose my jelly belly I might start getting more serious.

I got a nice wee email yesterday that was very encouraging - supporting me going to the gym.  The ironic thing is that what was said in it was pretty much, word for word, what PT had told me...and what Wifey said to.  Funny how it can depend who says something to you how much you take heed of the advice.  I'm going to.  I'm now adamant.  Whichever comes first - 85kgs or the start of the next 12WBT round - I will start going to the gym!  It has been committed to paper (albeit electronically), so it shall be.

Reckon I will start losing interest in exercise once my calories start dropping.  At the moment I'm doing about 680-ish in 50mins (doing the DVDs) or around 1000 after a PT session.  I was well chuffed to see my count at 540cals after only 35mins today.  Thought that was impressive - kinda.  I try to work on the basis of burning about 100cals/10mins.  It seems to be a nice, easy to work with, number.

After exercising it was time to get dinner ready - and brekkie & lunch for tomorrow.  A bit mundane, but hey!  Gotta get done or we have mini catastrophes on our hands ;)  The steak was nice and the salsa scrummy.  I really enjoy this meal.  Quick, simple & tasty.  Could have a bit more frequently, too.

I keep thinking about my body shape.  It's great that I'm losing weight - am really stoked that I've finally gotten up off my rear to do something about it.  Clothes are looking a bit daggy on me because I've lost some cms too.  Am happy about all of this!  What I'm not happy about is that I still can't seem to get rid of the jelly belly that's haunting me.  Wifey tells me that it's getting smaller (well, maybe it is) but it's still there.  I don't want to have all this excess flab hanging about - I need to rid myself of it.  I guess I should focus more on some of the core work to see if that helps - or up my cardio - or both.  Most likely both.  I will need the core work to tone what skin is left behind after cardio.  Gee, who'd have thought exercising and getting fit would also work the ol' grey matter? haha

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

12WBT +58

As I was having another lazy day (dear God, just shoot me now!), I was mucking about on the 'puter - iTunes to be exact and threw it on random shuffle.  What was the first song that came up?  Yup.  Robbie Williams' Lazy Days.  All I could do was groan.  Even iTunes was picking on me for being lazy ;)  I don't often pay attention to the lyrics of songs - I might know them as I'm (badly) singing along to them, but ask me what they are without the song playing in the background and you'll end up with a blank, expressionless look (most likely followed with a shrug and a mutter that may or may not resemble 'I don't know').

Anyhow, today I listened.  As I did so, I was thinking about why I have lazy days.  It's sometimes because I'm knackered for whatever reason.  More often than not I think it's because I'm having a bummer day - I think it was last week that I called it a 'fat day'.  Whatever I call it, I'm sure it's the reason I have a lazy day.  So, the lyrics in this song seemed to resonate with me for whatever reason:

     Lazy days, don't let them get you down
     Wear your smile
     I don't want to see you frown
     Don't let them get you down

I guess, next time I'm having a lazy day (or days) I should just brighten up and build that bloody bridge (or find 20c to call someone who cares ;) ), get up off my arse and do something.  No ifs.  No buts (note: buts - not butts ;) ).

Brekkie: rolled oats, strawberries & blueberries and yoghurt (with cinnamon and linseed, of course).  I was going to have Special K...but for some odd reason stuck with rolled oats.  Just to be different (for me).  Am so loving breakfasts now.  A few weeks ago I wouldn't have thanked you for it (well, I would've.  I'm not completely rude - just have my moments).  Now.  Mmm.

Lunch: carrot & ricotta wrap.  The problem with this is that it needs to be assembled at work and I can't be bothered with that.  Doing it the night before (or even the morning of) makes for a very soggy wrap.  Tasty, but soggy.  Maybe I should try wringing the carrot out first?  Should've thought about that earlier, huh? ;)

Dinner: pizza.  Can't go wrong with this.  The bonus for us was that we found a wholemeal base :)  Me, being fussy and all, didn't want olives (disgusting creatures they are) so popped some onion on instead.  Tasted good to me.  Perhaps I'm not as fussy as I once was?  Oh no, not another change in me!?

While on the topic of change, I've found I'm getting rather vain.  I keep looking to make sure all my chins are disappearing (not all of them, I'd be happy being down to just one - the bone one).  One of the women at work even commented today about losing some of the weight around my face.  I didn't think it was that noticeable, but now that I'm checking every few minutes (slight exaggeration)... ;)

Monday, November 15, 2010

12WBT +57

Following yesterday's effort was nigh on impossible.  So I didn't.  

I had a slack-arse day - even though I was up and bouncing about at 5.45am.  Did the mountain of ironing that had been sitting in a corner; hidden from view as much as a mountain-sized pile of clean clothes can be.  That was a solid three-hours of my life I'll never gain back ;)

With the house guest, I thought it would be rude to have brekkie before he surfaced, so I waited.  Read the paper in the sun.  Pottered around in the garden.  Wasted a bit of time playing on my phone.  He finally got up around 11ish - to head straight out.  Oh well.  No brekkie - brunch for one instead.  Omelette.  My new fav brekkie/brunch.  That was actually enough to hold me over until dinner - which a few weeks back would've been nigh on impossible.

Wifey decided to come home from her Duke of Edinburgh expedition - knackered.  We sat and shot the breeze over a cup of tea before heading to the wonderful world of Woollies.  Grocery shopping is such a tedious chore.  I am pleased, however, that our trolley doesn't look anywhere near as bad as most.  I now cringe when I see trolleys full of fizz, biscuits, crisps etc.  Not that we have ever been like that but still.  I'm pleased to say that our trolley is virtually empty until we get to the fresh fruit and veg.  Kudos to us - haha.

As we plan our shopping around the next weeks menu, we didn't have anything for dinner - Wifey improvised and did a wee risotto for us.  Very nice.  Not the best thing; not the worst, either.

Mr Grumpy came out to play as we were doing dishes.  I think I may've been just a tad tired...

Sunday, November 14, 2010

12WBT +56

Today was to be the triathlon day.  Guess who was so oblivious to that as he was trying to work out what to do this weekend?  In my head, I had a mini-milestone challenge (for which I was going to use the 10km fun run last weekend but changed my mind as I thought of that as cheating too much).  I'm nuts!

During the week I'd been plotting what I could do.  In the end, I decided I'd go for another walk.  The last mini-milestone saw Wifey and I walk from Taronga Zoo to Balmoral, which was about 13-odd kms.  I had to top that - mainly because I'm figuring I must be getting closer to being fitter than I was (given I'm a wee bit less fatter).  My idea - to do my old walking route (that includes steps, hills, off-road and...umm, pavements) not once.  Not twice.  But three times (and I know one shouldn't start a sentence with 'but' - sue me...not literally, unless you want to pay off my student loan debt in NZ; I'd happily part with that).  Three times.  Say it like that and it doesn't seem a lot.  I guess it's not really - but, one lap of my route is 10kms.  That's 30kms all up.  Sounds a s**t load more.

Alarm set for 5.45am (I wanted to do this as early as possible, which unfortunately didn't sound too appealing to our house guest who would've otherwise been happy to come along for a stroll) but I was clearly looking forward to this too much as I woke up at 5.30am.  By 5.50am, I was walking out the door for my mammoth effort.

Lap one.  Fine.  No probs.  Well, no probs if you ignore the fact that I'd forgotten to put my glasses on and on one of the bush tracks (about 30mins - if that - into the walk) went for a six.  Tripped on a tree root or something, rolled my ankle and grazed my knee.  I was most grateful that at not long after 6am there wasn't anyone around to see me do it!

Lap two.  Not quite as quick as lap one.  The sun was starting to get hotter and I could feel myself waning during the bits in the shade and picking up the pace in the heat of the sun (just to get out of it).

Lap three.  Knackered.  Pooped.  You're getting the picture.  I did the first lap in 1hr 15min, the second in just on 1hr 20min - the last was about 1hr 35min.  I see a pattern.  Still.  I'm happy.  Scarily, I felt that I had a wee Mish sitting on my shoulders (though she would've been flying off when I tripped earlier on) telling me to get a grip and get on with it.  She was showing no mercy with me the whole way around.  I could hear her saying silly little things like, "suck it in" or "shoulders back, chest proud".  It was weird.  Perhaps I was still sleeping.

All up, I was walking for 4hr 05mins.  The only stops I made were to fill up my water bottle.  What I think impressed me more (other than the number of people who seem to go for walks/runs/jogs around 7am on a Saturday) was that I, possibly for the first time in my life, have finally gone into calorie deficit! Huzzah!  In fact, if I stick to my usual eating plan, I'll be in calorie deficit for the whole weekend - even if I don't do anything else for the rest of it.  I burnt off a massive 3006 calories in the 4hrs.  Go me!  Doubt I'll ever be able to do this again, but hey, most people who climb Everest only do it once too ;)

Non-stop walking, baby!

Oh, bugger.  Not quite 30kms then - 29.5.  Close enough.  If I allow for a margin of error there may be a chance of it being more than 30kms...  This doesn't show the elevation, but it's not all on the flat.
Whilst on the topic of burning...after getting home, showering and having a shake for brekkie (I don't think my stomach could've coped with anything heavier), I threw some laundry on and thought I'd have a lie down in the hammock and read until the laundry was done.  1.5 hours later I woke up...my legs are slightly red.  Ouchies.  So are my arms...and my face.  Moral of this story, don't lie in the lovely warm sun with a book and tell yourself it's only for 15-20 minutes - especially if you have a known knack of falling asleep quickly (including a witnessed time of literally falling asleep before your head hit the pillow!).

Aside from that, an uneventful day.  I hope my legs will be less stiff tomorrow.  PT sent a text asking if I wanted to do a weights session tomorrow.  Hmm...  Over 4000 calories in two days?  What would you say?

Food: 1 whey shake, 1 bowl of puffed wheat with Greek yoghurt & honey, 2 slices of banana bread (that nice stuff from week 1 or 2's menu) and some rice crackers.  Had almost zero appetite today.  Did drink litres of water though - could explain the lack of appetite?

PS:  today is exactly 2/3 of the way through...only another 1/3 to go.  Would you believe I'm already getting excited about the next round?  :)

Saturday, November 13, 2010

12WBT +55

Okay.  Grump time.  PT wanted a session on Friday not Saturday.  I can handle that.  She wanted it in the evening and not the morning.  Again, I can deal with that.  What I am not happy about is that she waits until only a couple of hours before it to break it to me that she wants me in the gym.  Really?  Me?  Gym?  I'm not thinking so.  Have been hurling abuse (of the good natured kind) at her since.  At the time of writing this, I've not been...and I'm still not happy.

Had an 8am meeting at work this morning so was lazy...again...and took a couple of crumpets to have (bare, of course).  Even though I was in the office just gone 7am, I never had a chance to get to them until 9.30am.  Boy, did I enjoy them or what!?  If I've not eaten by about 8am now, my stomach feels that my throat's been cut.  It's bad!

Lunch, again because we were running late yesterday and I was in a lazy mode, comprised of four rice thins.  Sadly, we had no cottage cheese to put on them so ended up having them like my crumpets - naked. Not overly filling but at the same time, I haven't felt peckish since.

Went and met PT at the gym.  I waited outside (not being a member and all) and she came out.  Think she spotted the "Not happy, Jan" expression on my face and suggested the park.  All smiles and we were off ;)  I'm not one for praising a PT session much, but man, I thoroughly enjoyed this one!  It wasn't any different to others, really, so I don't know why.  Perhaps it was the running (sick puppy I am, eh?).  I was well happy afterwards (just over 1000 calories in just over an hour).  I made the ultimate deal with PT.  When I get down to 85kgs, I will start going to the gym.  She thinks that's very achievable...  Damn, maybe I should've said 75kgs ;)

When I got home I had a quick shower and then cooked dinner.  Wifey's off doing her Duke of Edinburgh purgatory and we've got a house guest for the weekend so I thought I'd best do something tasty...which I did (even if I do say so myself).  An adaptation of the pork salad on this week's menu (i.e., hardly anything suggested in the recipe and more of what we had left in the house (apple, pear...).  Poor guest - it was all a little too healthy for him.  He had to go and get the mayo and some bread & butter.

Oh, well talking about food (mmm, food...*drools*), how uber chuffed was I to read Mish's email and to see my name as a winner of a prize?  Bit of a shock there, but yay!  I've got about two or three George Foreman grills back home in NZ (either in storage or in Mum's cupboards...or possibly given away - can't remember) but we don't have one here.  I quite like using them as it saves wasting the electricity heating up the oven (will admit to not liking cleaning them...but then, I don't like dishes duty, either - haha).  Big congrats to the other 19 winners of that challenge, too.  There were some scrummy sounding recipes in there (even the fish dishes sounded & looked good...and I don't do food from the ocean).  Hmm...I might've just been bitten by the winning bug after a lifetime of never winning much.  Perhaps I should start eyeing up the overall first prize for myself? ;)  Haha - not even.  Too many more deserving in the program than me (I find myself lapsing too much).

Friday, November 12, 2010

12WBT +54

Rest day.  Nothing much happening.  Why a rest day?  Well, given my PT session is now tomorrow and not Saturday, and I'm doing exercise on both Sat and Sun, a rest day is called for.  Also, meeting Wifey at work at 6pm meant that I didn't have time in the end to sneak anything in.  Lazy or what? ;)

Still happy that, despite feeling like it's a fat week, I still managed a loss.  Here's hoping for a few more before the end of the program (vanity is taking over - I need to look good to impress at the end of season party - haha).

Food?  What've I had on this fine day?  Brekkie was crumpets (naked as the day they were packed).  Lunch was the left over minestrone.  My only issue with lunch was not so much the food but the fact that the microwave heated the plate up too much and I burnt my finger.  Even have a lovely wee blister to show for it - grr ;)  Ended up having a late dinner as by the time I'd met Wifey and we'd popped in to the supermarket for her to collect things for a school excursion thingee she's going on, it was about 7.30pm when we walked in the door (s'funny - walking in the door.  You're not really walking in the door, per se, are you?  Odd turn of phrase).  Had the chicken parmigiana.  Was nice, filling dish.  Just what was called for.

I was naughty again with snacks.  Had a few rice crackers while arsing about in the kitchen again.  Oh well.  We don't normally have them so I figure it's not so bad (let me keep telling myself this - it helps make EP a happy chappy ;) ).

12WBT +53

Weather.  It plays havoc with one's body.  Okay, so I'm not 100% positive I can blame the weather, but it makes for a good excuse.  When I woke up it was like the plug had been pulled through the night and the battery hadn't charged.  Energy levels were low...very low.  Even sitting up was enough to make me let out a huge sigh - big enough to make anyone think I'd just run around Australia a couple of times.  Seriously.  Pooped.  

The day didn't get much better, either.  Weighing in was a blunder and a half.  I was more than adamant that I'd gained weight, which was not helping with the mood.  Stepped up to the plate, sighed and stepped on.  So didn't want to look.  I was standing there toying with the idea that I'd just make up a number (i.e., guesstimate how much I'd put on) rather than looking and facing the truth.  Turns out, had I done that I would've been guesstimating the wrong way.  Dropped 1.2kgs.  I know it's a loss and I'm more than happy about that but...I'd like it to be more (as would everyone weighing themselves).  It seems like my thoughts on the last couple of weeks (not being very good in terms of enthusiasm etc) have played out on the scales.  I know I have lots more weight to go but short of upping the exercise and starving myself, I just can't see it happening.  Don't get me wrong, I don't expect it to fall off; I'm likening myself to Oliver now - "please sir, can I lose some more?" ;)

Work was the most boring place to be today.  It was one of those days where time stands still.  By 10am, I could've gone home - it felt like I'd been there for well over the standard 7.5 hours (and it had only been 2.5 hours!).  It was productive though, I'll grant it that.  Got lots of little things done and am now ready to start getting into doing the literature reviews I have to do.  Sadly, I'm looking forward to this.  Geeky, eh?

I really enjoyed lunch today.  Rather than the leftover minestrone from the night before, we had the Mediterranean vege sandwich.  Tasty.  Although, it might be another one that needs assembled at work as it was fairly soggy...

Again, second consecutive day of loving the DVD even more than usual.  Perhaps it was because of the thunder, lightening and rain outside that I was purposely blocking out...  Still.  Who am I to complain when in 50 minutes I can knock off 705 calories.  Yeeeeeeeeeeehaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!  Just wish I could keep it up and it result in bigger losses...  Finally finished the last of the fitness tests.  Who would've thought that I spoke too soon yesterday about not improving?  Not me, that's for sure.  I finally made improvements in the abs! From a measley level one to a mediocre level three.  I'm quietly chuffed about that.  Also made a huge gain in press ups (from 29 to 41 in a minute).  The wall sit was a bit of a let down this time around.  No progress.  Overall, more gains across the board, even if they weren't all great.  Go me!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

12WBT +52

I'm feeling the need to get into my old routine again.  No, not the come home and flop down on the couch until it's time for bed.  The old routine of being disciplined: exercise and blog maintenance.  It's so easy for one to become almost complacent and slowly fall back into the old, bad habits.  I feel that, upon reflection over the last couple of weeks, this is what I've done.  There are no excuses.  It's just a case of not keeping an eye on the ball.  Some of my entries - even though each and every day since the first day of the pre-season are documented - are rather poorly done.  In part, this is due to not having anything to say.  It's also been a case of not wanting to express all my feelings about this process.  Why not?  I dunno.  It's just my personality, I guess.  I'm one of those people who is like a sponge; I will sit and absorb the surroundings and, wherever possible, avoid being put in the awkward position of being the centre of attention.  I like being a people-watcher or the person who does the work behind the scenes.  Always have; always will.

This seems like an odd introduction to today's post as it's all over the place (mind you, if you think that's bad - try walking around for a day with my head.  It's hard following all the trains of thought that go on in there...especially with the high frequency of derailments!) but I do have a point (otherwise I'd be pointless - get it?  ;) ).  I popped into the forums again the other night and read a few of the posts.  What I realised (re-realised, actually) is that the online arena for me is just like real life.  While it's often said that people take on a different personality online, I'm not one of them.  I am who I am.  It's interesting being the observer in the (online) room and watching the various personalities.  What I notice is there appears to be a lot of people who, more than likely without any intentions of doing so, shut others out/down by the way they speak (just like in real life).  Perhaps I'm more aware of this not so much because I am one who sometimes feels I get shut down, but because I've worked in the online environment before (teaching postgraduate courses online).  Who knows.  I just know that it kinda wiggs me out.  Also, the more people there are in a room (be it physical or online), the more I shrink away into a corner.  That doesn't help matters.

Can I just give an example of what I mean by feeling almost shut out/down?  People who are, by my comparison, tiny (e.g., close to half my starting weight) who are 'struggling' to get to their goal weight.  I mean, good on them for having a goal and working towards it - that's great!  But when you're about twice their weight and struggling to drop something (and no where near what your ideal weight would be), it's kind of difficult to comprehend.  It makes me think of all the advertising for gyms and a lot of the weight loss programs out there.  Let's have yet another place for the beautiful people to show off (not that anyone on this program is showing off - in fact, one thing I like about it is that it's advertising all seems to be word of mouth!).  

All that negativity aside, the one good thing about the forums is that the positivity exudes from every virtual corner.  Even people who are having a rough time of things are still, in various ways, rather positive.  Sure, you'd expect it to be like that given everyone in the program has a common goal (or an element of a common goal).  It's great to see that if someone is having a bad day/week/month, then (a) they're not alone in it and (b) there are some wonderful, supportive people around to help keep them chipper.  

I suppose I never expected there to be so many people taking the program up and, as mentioned, the more people - even online - the more I will try to blend into the background.  It all comes down to me having a general lack of confidence within myself.  I've always associated my lack of confidence with being overweight (I also think that's why I'm such a sarcastic bugger - always tried to use humour/wit about myself to starve off other people doing it for me (no pun intended there, either)).  I think when I lost weight while living in London (without even trying to!), my confidence increased a wee bit.  Since I've been in Australia and gained a bit of that weight back, it kinda sunk again.

Hmm.  Guess who's having a case of the 'fats' (I don't think I'm going to be losing any weight this week so I'm all 'negative Nigel').  Enough of that now.  One shouldn't be allowed to write such crap on the Internet (it's already got more than enough!).

So.  Today.  Brekkie was cereal with berries & yoghurt.  I've gone back to putting in the rolled oats (low GI) with the cereal, along with cinnamon & ground linseed with the yoghurt.  It really is amazing how the rolled oats do help keep you fuller for longer.  Now, saying that, I was quite peckish today and ended up having my lunch earlier than I normally do (by about an hour).  Lunch had to be modified again today - we had lettuce, tomato, grated babybel (mmm) and quinoa wraps.  I really do love quinoa.  Wasn't so sure about it the first time Wifey introduced me to it; now - different story.  Another low GI portion and it's worked, too.  Not even hungry after doing my exercise when I got home.

Actually, exercise was fun today (and killing 665 more calories doesn't hurt).  I know, if you know me, you'd find that to be the oddest thing you'd ever hear (or read) me utter.  It's true though.  Don't know why, but I really, really enjoyed it.  Perhaps it's because yesterday the blisters were a bit niggly and I couldn't do it.  I really don't know.  Here's hoping I can keep up with the enjoyment of it :)

Had the minestrone for dinner.  We halved the menu size (not realising that we were meant to keep some for leftovers at the time) and still had enough left for a lunch each.  How good was that :)  It was a lot more filling that the lamb cutlets.  I had all good intentions of finishing off the fitness test bits that were still outstanding...but didn't get to them.  Tomorrow is another day.  Now, after lamenting above about the forums, I did slip on and post a couple of comments.  One was (more lamenting) about not being able to improve in my ab section of the fitness test.  I just can't seem to get past the first one, which is embarrassing (when you consider that I've not had babies or the likes - I'm just fat and lazy).  The second one was about the confusion about the new accelerator day being introduced.  Apparently, despite it not being on the menu etc when I printed it on Friday and Mish saying it started next week, it started this week.  Oh well.  I don't mind too much.  Next week is fine for me.  Just a wee glitch (and the only one I've noticed in the program so far - major small one, that is ;) ).  No one is perfect (except me ;) ).

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

12WBT +51

Another day, another dollar.  Don't know who coined that, but how appropriate is it today?  I'm not really complaining.  I finished work at 3pm today (they owe me hours from last week and by joves, I'm going to claw them all back...or just take them).  

Came home to do my daily exercise.  Did about 20mins of it before my tootsies were giving me an ultimatum: "continue or suffer the consequences of the pain of burst blisters - that's right.  More than just one blister, baby.  Go on.  Dare ya.  Double dare ya.  I will even physical challenge ya".  Who was I to argue with the wrath of the blisters?  I was happy I survived 20mins, but really, spare the effort.  Tomorrow it'll be right though.  It's my turn to throw the ultimatum at those there blisters on my tootsies: "I shall concede one day to you but no more.  If you ain't calmed down by the time I get home from work tomorrow I will inflict the curs'd needle upon thee and strike each of you down with one foul sweep of it.  Ha!  Haha!".  

Not really that crazy.  I don't usually have imaginary conversations with blisters.  I think I shall sit here and wait for the meds to kick in...

Fitness test today.  Oh, how much do I love Mish for throwing these at us every four weeks?  Well, I don't mind most of them - I just don't like the ones that I can't seem to do any improving in (typically the sit ups and the stupid one with the ruler (see - really dislike that one!)).  Let's see if there are any improvements this time around?

Well, there are some improvements.  That's a good sign.  The measuring tape is showing minor signs of liking me more (I guess, less is more sometimes).  Didn't end up doing all of the tests - improved on the 1km again (much less of an improvement than four weeks ago, but hey).  Will do the rest tomorrow evening (read: when I can be arsed ;) ).

Had crumpets for brekkie today.  Didn't feel like cereal.  Just sayin'.  Am getting quite used to them without the massive blob of butter I used to enjoy.  Not missing it.  At all.  Lunch was not what was on the menu.  There seems to be a lot of fish in this week's menu so we've swung into adaption mode.  Wifey made a lovely four bean salad with lettuce, egg, carrot and capsicum...and a drizzle of balsamic.  Scrummy!  I think the fact that it was my day off from making lunches made it taste even sweeter :)

Dinner comprised of the lamb cutlets.  They were nice (beautifully cooked) but I don't know.  Neither Wifey or I were satisfied afterwards.  Not sure what it was - just something wasn't resonating.  I forgot to pick up the green beans at the supermarket so we ended up with frozen corn & peas.  That wasn't the problem.  Wish I could put my finger on it...

I am beginning to question what's happened to the "old" me.  I'm having great difficulty in believing that I am so getting into these fun runs that I've even collated a list of runs next year that we may enter.  Fortuitously, someone on the forums happened to ask if anyone knew of any more coming up - just after I'd compiled my wee list (even though I know it's by no means a complete list!).  Will be interesting to see how many I can get through next year.  I know we won't be even considering the first one on the list (the "resolution run") in early January.  We'll be most likely sunning ourselves on Zanzibar when that's on (even then, the old me wouldn't have been too keen on doing that, either.  He was a fussy, lazy sod!).

Monday, November 8, 2010

12WBT +50

Woke up to the city covered in mist.  I love days like this.  It means it will all burn off and we'll be left with a glorious, sunny day.  Perfect for those of us getting up to do the 10km fun run out at Olympic Park.  Just sayin'.

The downside is that, for Wifey and I, it takes 1hr 20mins to get there (and, obviously, the same to get back).  At 6.30am, we were out of the house and on the way to the bus (would've been a train but there are track works).  Short of the fact that neither of us were really ready to be awake then...on a Sunday (I'm sure I whinged yesterday about being up and out of the house early...I'm good like that).

By the time we got to Olympic Park, the sun was out and the mist gone.  Beautiful.  It was bound to be a good day.  Met up with my family, also doing it, and a girl from work.  Standing around talking was a good start.  By the time the starter's gun went off and we crossed the starting line I was so pumped and ready to run.  I felt really good about it.  My pace was steady and I was breathing well, not huffing and puffing...much.  Sadly, by the 3km mark, I had a foot that was killing me.  On the inside of my foot I could feel a huge blister coming on.  Why now?  Why at all?  I can only put it down to my sneakers being soaked from yesterday's training session (because someone still can't face a gym yet - no prizes for guessing who). I couldn't run it all (or even most) like I'd planned.  Rather, I thought I'll run/walk it.  Run for a couple of minutes, walk for a couple.  This was going well...until I caught up with my workmate just past the 5km mark.  At this stage, we decided to walk it to the 8km mark and then run home, which we did.  I ended up doing it in 1hr 12min.  Not as good as I'd have liked - but I did it.  It was about the same as the 9km bridge run time so huzzah!

My poor tootsies are suffering though.  I hate blisters.  They're more annoying than sore, but I'll build my bridge after a bit more grizzling about them ;)

The run managed to kill 1184 calories - am happy with that (considering all I had for brekkie was a shake...and lunch was only a couple of crumpets with honey - oh, and one with marmite...mmm, marmite!).  I wish someone could explain calorie burning to me though.  I might ask Mish about it.  Why could I burn 1184 in 1:12:32, when Wifey did 780 in 1:23:??.  I hate not knowing this stuff...  I guess this reminds me, I should ensure the HRM has an accurate weight...

I was rather pooped by the time we got home and I won't say that I had a grandpa nap ;)  Really don't know how we spent the arvo...it just slipped by.  Had the lovely basil & mushroom risotto for dinner (even if I do pick out all the mushroom chunks it still tastes goodly).  Even had a can of creamed rice for dessert.  Hey!  98% fat free.  We deserved it - lol.  Just means we won't have it later in the week when it's on the menu :)

PS: 50 days of the program.  Only...28 or so left to go.  That, my friends, is beyond scary - it's terrifying!  How fast is this program flying by???

Sunday, November 7, 2010

12WBT +49

Whose bloody idea was it to get up for a 6.45am PT session?  Do you know how many normal people are up and about at that time?  On a Saturday?  Not bloody many, that's for sure.  Especially if it's 6.45am and raining.  Whoever invented 6.45am needs to be shot.  Point blank range.

Clearly, I was not a happy camper.  I wasn't grumpy though.  I did tell Wifey that she wasn't allowed to come to the session.  She had to stay in bed and catch up on some of the sleep she's been missing out on for the last few weeks.  I'm really a softie (even if I had found out that PT sent a text to Wifey first...), huh?

PT was a bit shocked to see me on my own.  Nevertheless, she put me through the wringer.  Burpies, squat jumps, boxing, sit ups, press ups, running, and other things that made me look even more ridiculous.  I was fair knackered at the end.  Fortunately, the rain held off as we - I - trained...then bucketed down as I walked home.  I didn't mind though.  It was the big, heavy drops - with no wind.  Very refreshing.  I was mildly steaming a bit though - haha.  I worked off about 868 calories in my 45 minute session (cut short 'cos PT had to be elsewhere)...oh, and the walk to and from training.  Am happy with this.

I, still on my unexpected bout of kindness, made brekkie in bed for Wifey (and me) after I'd showered.  Three-egg omelette (only one yolk).  I do a wicked one of these now.  They seem to be getting fluffier and fluffier each time.  Yay me.

After brekkie the weekend laziness set in.  We lazed about.  Watching the rain, listening to the wind when it picked up.  We couldn't be lazy all day though - that would be a waste of a day.  Instead, we ventured off...to the movies ;)   Saw Red.  Brilliant (even if Hoyts is too cheap to turn heating on and we were fair freezing).  After this, off to the supermarket for the weekly shop (yeah, sad way to spend a Saturday night, eh).

Dinner comprised of a fruit salad for Wifey and a couple of pita pockets with garlic and parmesan for me.  (Our lunch was the popcorn at the movies - salt heavy, but tasty!)

Oh crap.  I've been doing my blog and not posting it.  I must stop getting into the bad habit of putting note points down and saying, 'I'll expand on this later'.  End result is what's just happened - three days worth in a short space of time (well, three days when this one gets posted - the other two just went up).  Arrgh.  Life is getting in the way of, well, life ;)