Wednesday, November 3, 2010

12WBT +45

Melbourne Cup day.  Wahoo.  Is anyone else not as excited as me? ;)

I couldn't win a thing if I had the only ticket.  That's always been the story of my life (though Wifey would most likely say something corny like, 'you won my heart' - barf ;) ).  As I'm telling everyone this at work, what happens.  I end up with a winner and second place in the office sweeps.  Okay.  The second place doesn't count as technically I bought that one for my mother-in-law (who does have the knack of winning things - even if she didn't have a ticket in something, she could most likely still win).  Yay for me.

Brekkie.  Normal - cereal, fruit & yoghurt (a bit too much yoghurt - still getting used to the new container).

Lunch.  Provided by work.  Oh.  My.  Freaking.  God.  The spread was AMAZING.  But you know what (you don't so I don't know why I bother even adding that), I didn't feel tempted by things - not even the sweets or breads...or cheeses.  I had a slice of roast beef, a small slice of ham and some salad (no dressings).  Oh, and a 1/2 a pita pocket.  I was very content with that.  Oh (yeah, here we go...), I did have a small chocolate (but that was only 'cos one of the girls thinks I'm too good at avoiding the sweet things - our office seems to have a lot of them around).

When I got home, I did my usual exercise routine.  51 minutes and 670 calories later I was a pooped bunny...who should've really been thinking of preparing dinner but couldn't be bothered.  Wifey can do it - she's better in the kitchen than I am, anyway.  A lovely beef stir fry soon resulted from her swift hands.  Since we had some leftover buttermilk, Wifey whipped up a delish chocolate cake - very nice.  I, on the other hand, had lunch responsibilities again.  Using up the rice paper, I changed lunch to be rice paper rolls again (been a while).  Actually, it is for Wifey's lunch and my brekkie (I have meetings all day for the next couple of days - huzzah!).


  1. I won $70 in the office sweepstake...score!!! We had a spread put on the by the teachers college today. I sat in my chair sipping coffee, and didn't touch a thing. Was very hard, it had lots of cute things like chorizo sausage rolls, salmon and cream cheese on french bread and chocolate brownies. I had to enjoy (?) the smells instead...

  2. Mmm. The spread sounds good, Cass. It does get easier. I now don't worry about all the cakes that get brought in - and I easily didn't worry about the cheese platter (which would've been my biggest weakness).

    As an aside, you should see the pizzas we do now - nothing like the ones I used to make when you'd come around for dinner with Bee & I. ;)

    Oh, and $70! You teachers are rich, eh bro ;) haha