Thursday, November 4, 2010

12WBT +46

Not much reporting today.  Rice paper rolls for brekkie (rather than cereal for a change).  No lunch as I had no time - tomorrow will most likely be the same, too.

Was in at work just after 7am and out at 5.30pm.  By the time I got home around 6pm I was fair pooped.  Helped with the prep for dinner (and Wifey's lunch) but otherwise, sat on my arse.  Being in meetings all day really takes it out of you - and there's still another day to go :(

Weighed in this morning.  Lost a wee bit - 900g - so takes me to a fraction less than I was before last week's increase.  I think next week will definitely be an increase though.  No exercise today, chances are none tomorrow and deffo none on Friday.  Mind you - Saturday is the session with PT and then Sunday is the 10km fun run (which reminds me, I really must check in to see how I'm going with the goals I set - bet not very well :( ).

Bah.  I'm over it.  Computer is heavy - but not as heavy as the ol' eyelids - and I'm starting to feel sorry for myself.  Toodles.

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