Sunday, November 21, 2010

12WBT +63

Once again, the weekend rocks around and our body clocks tell us to wake up at normal, weekday time.  This sucks the big one.  We're both in dire need of a bit of an energy boost and a sleep-in would be just the ticket.

Not to be.  Oh well. How sad.  Never mind.  What's done is did (or is it what's did is done?).

We got up and had brekkie (toast - with marmite on it for me.  Not good, but at the same time, oh so good!) and then off to do Christmassy shopping.  Have to get it over and done with now as between now and heading away for Christmas, our weekends are filling up way too quickly.  That was pretty much how the day was spent.  Granted, it wasn't as painful as it could've been.  Mainly because we went to new places (for us) and they weren't overly crowded (or full of kids).

The evening was brill, though.  We went off to the Sydney Theatre Company's production of Uncle Vanya.  A bit of Chekov is good.  What was really enjoyable, though, was seeing Cate Blanchett, Hugo Weaving, Richard Roxburgh and Jackie Weaver all on stage.  Awesome!

Sadly, the end of the day means one day closer to the weekend ending.  Ahh, next weekend's only a few days away :)

Once again, I'm slipping with getting these entries up on time.  I'm trying (and constantly told how trying I am by my family...) to be good.  Just not always panning out the way I plan.  Curses! :)

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