Tuesday, November 23, 2010

12WBT +65

I first have to start off by saying that I received yet another big box of DVDs from Amazon.  This pleases me very, very much.  There's nothing better than when your DVDs arrive and there are TV series that you've not seen before (that sound well funny)...and ones you have seen and are looking forward to again watching (hoping that they'll be as funny now as they were 10 or 20 years ago).  Sadly, that was the excitement du jour in my wee world.

It was just another day at the office...literally and in terms of meals.  Standard brekkie of cereal, berries & yoghurt.  Lunch comprising of four rice crackers and chicken (only 'cos someone doesn't like turkey...or avocado).  Had a couple of crackers when I got home (*sigh*) and then had the lovely pizza for dinner.  As much as I do love pizza, I think having them every week is becoming a wee bit too much - even for me.  I shan't complain though.  When we're away the chances of me having pizza will most likely be very, very slim (which is what I'd like to be one of these days ;) ).

The evening did fly by ever so quickly.  I was planning on going for a walk with Wifey but by the time we both got home, mucked about for a bit and then looked at the time, it was time for dinner...either that or dinner would be at some stupid time like 9pm.  Not having that on my watch, thankyouverymuch.  

I am feeling somewhat guilty for being so slack over the last couple of weeks in terms of my exercise routine.  It's starting to wane a wee bit.  I have made a mental plan that I will be joining the gym in the new year - regardless of my weight.  I'll give it a trial shot for a week when we get back (got a voucher for one free week at Fitness First so will make sure I use it to the max - every day at the gym with Wifey before she goes back to work...unlike me, who will already be back at work, bugger it all - haha).  I don't think I'll tell PT about this until I've made up my mind that I enjoy the gym first.  Would hate to commit to this and then hate, loathe and detest the place!

My goals for the new year are changing quicker than I ever could've imagined.  One of the girls at work and I are trying to tee up a small group to go on fun runs through 2011.  All going to plan we'll each pick one and be responsible for organising everyone for it.  As a 'reward', the organiser will get to nominate the charity.  Sounds good, eh?  Along with this, there's my plan to go to the gym.  I hope that by the end of Round 1, 2011, I'll be at least another 10-15kgs lighter.  I'm now not so worried about that as I am my general fitness, truth be told.  It will be nice to lose the weight but even nicer to be fit - fit for the future.  'S my motto now (apparently - I do come up with quite a few mottos every so often...mainly 'cos I can never remember what they all were...memory like a sieve, huh).

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