Tuesday, November 30, 2010

12WBT +68

Breakfast: cereal, fruit & yoghurt.  I'm finding, as I've not been having this almost every day, that I do start missing this.  I like the cinnamon with yoghurt and the oats and ground linseed with the cereal du jour.  Highly recommend it.  In terms of portion size, I usually have about 10-15g of cereal, depending on the cereal (and the container I'm using).

Lunch: Rice crackers with shaved chicken.  A nice, light lunch.  Wasn't even peckish - perhaps because I was pottering around at work while eating and wasn't focussing exclusively on the food - lol.

Did my usual DVD workout today.  I know I should be pushing myself more but I'm still thoroughly enjoying doing them - and burning off between 750 and 900 calories each hour (tonight it was only 765 - obviously not putting in what I should've).  I will go to the gym - next year...  I know PT is very keen for me to go so I can work on the weights, in particular.

We didn't have the lasagne for dinner tonight.  Even though it's ok, it's in the bottom of our pick of recipes.  Instead, we made the laksa that is scheduled for later on.  A certain blogger here is partial to this - especially when Wifey adds an extra bit of kick to it - lol.

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