Tuesday, November 30, 2010

12WBT +71

So pleased that I had a chance for a bit of a sleep-in, especially given the rude awakening yesterday.  Even still, it was still a nice and early start for the day.

After we got up and showered, we all went up to New Farm for breakfast (where I pigged out and had sausage, eggs and ciabatta, with wilted spinach - YUM!).  We then went for a walk around the park, to the Powerhouse and back to the car.  This was a very leisurely walk, but was still around an hour or so more than what we would've usually done.  Stopped off at a couple of bookstores and managed to find the complete 'Denis The Menace' collection.  That was a nice wee score for me, so I was pleased.  I think that if we were to move to Brissie, New Farm would definitely be on my list of suburbs to look at.  Wifey might have a different list.  It would be quite nice to have Sunday brunch and then go for a stroll around there each week...

We didn't really have lunch and dinner was only a sandwich.  I'm definitely not complaining - breakfast was well filling, thank you.

While we were sitting down watching the tele, I had this really odd experience with one of my eyes.  I lost the peripheral vision in my right eye and had these awesome shimmery lines across it.  Never had anything like it before.  It was odd looking at someone and only seeing one half of their face - knowing that there should be more.  Was the same watching tele - half the screen was not there.  It wasn't black, it just wasn't there.  Try explaining this one away...

On the plane home we had a small chorizo and potato pocket.  It was more flaky pastry than anything else but it filled in a few minutes of the flight.  By the time we got home, which wasn't terribly late but did involve another argument with City Rail, we were too knackered to worry about even the thought of facing getting groceries.  They can wait.  Tomorrow is, after all, another day.  (Besides, they might have better produce out on a Monday as opposed to a Sunday).

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