Monday, November 8, 2010

12WBT +50

Woke up to the city covered in mist.  I love days like this.  It means it will all burn off and we'll be left with a glorious, sunny day.  Perfect for those of us getting up to do the 10km fun run out at Olympic Park.  Just sayin'.

The downside is that, for Wifey and I, it takes 1hr 20mins to get there (and, obviously, the same to get back).  At 6.30am, we were out of the house and on the way to the bus (would've been a train but there are track works).  Short of the fact that neither of us were really ready to be awake then...on a Sunday (I'm sure I whinged yesterday about being up and out of the house early...I'm good like that).

By the time we got to Olympic Park, the sun was out and the mist gone.  Beautiful.  It was bound to be a good day.  Met up with my family, also doing it, and a girl from work.  Standing around talking was a good start.  By the time the starter's gun went off and we crossed the starting line I was so pumped and ready to run.  I felt really good about it.  My pace was steady and I was breathing well, not huffing and puffing...much.  Sadly, by the 3km mark, I had a foot that was killing me.  On the inside of my foot I could feel a huge blister coming on.  Why now?  Why at all?  I can only put it down to my sneakers being soaked from yesterday's training session (because someone still can't face a gym yet - no prizes for guessing who). I couldn't run it all (or even most) like I'd planned.  Rather, I thought I'll run/walk it.  Run for a couple of minutes, walk for a couple.  This was going well...until I caught up with my workmate just past the 5km mark.  At this stage, we decided to walk it to the 8km mark and then run home, which we did.  I ended up doing it in 1hr 12min.  Not as good as I'd have liked - but I did it.  It was about the same as the 9km bridge run time so huzzah!

My poor tootsies are suffering though.  I hate blisters.  They're more annoying than sore, but I'll build my bridge after a bit more grizzling about them ;)

The run managed to kill 1184 calories - am happy with that (considering all I had for brekkie was a shake...and lunch was only a couple of crumpets with honey - oh, and one with marmite...mmm, marmite!).  I wish someone could explain calorie burning to me though.  I might ask Mish about it.  Why could I burn 1184 in 1:12:32, when Wifey did 780 in 1:23:??.  I hate not knowing this stuff...  I guess this reminds me, I should ensure the HRM has an accurate weight...

I was rather pooped by the time we got home and I won't say that I had a grandpa nap ;)  Really don't know how we spent the just slipped by.  Had the lovely basil & mushroom risotto for dinner (even if I do pick out all the mushroom chunks it still tastes goodly).  Even had a can of creamed rice for dessert.  Hey!  98% fat free.  We deserved it - lol.  Just means we won't have it later in the week when it's on the menu :)

PS: 50 days of the program.  Only...28 or so left to go.  That, my friends, is beyond scary - it's terrifying!  How fast is this program flying by???

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