Sunday, November 7, 2010

12WBT +49

Whose bloody idea was it to get up for a 6.45am PT session?  Do you know how many normal people are up and about at that time?  On a Saturday?  Not bloody many, that's for sure.  Especially if it's 6.45am and raining.  Whoever invented 6.45am needs to be shot.  Point blank range.

Clearly, I was not a happy camper.  I wasn't grumpy though.  I did tell Wifey that she wasn't allowed to come to the session.  She had to stay in bed and catch up on some of the sleep she's been missing out on for the last few weeks.  I'm really a softie (even if I had found out that PT sent a text to Wifey first...), huh?

PT was a bit shocked to see me on my own.  Nevertheless, she put me through the wringer.  Burpies, squat jumps, boxing, sit ups, press ups, running, and other things that made me look even more ridiculous.  I was fair knackered at the end.  Fortunately, the rain held off as we - I - trained...then bucketed down as I walked home.  I didn't mind though.  It was the big, heavy drops - with no wind.  Very refreshing.  I was mildly steaming a bit though - haha.  I worked off about 868 calories in my 45 minute session (cut short 'cos PT had to be elsewhere)...oh, and the walk to and from training.  Am happy with this.

I, still on my unexpected bout of kindness, made brekkie in bed for Wifey (and me) after I'd showered.  Three-egg omelette (only one yolk).  I do a wicked one of these now.  They seem to be getting fluffier and fluffier each time.  Yay me.

After brekkie the weekend laziness set in.  We lazed about.  Watching the rain, listening to the wind when it picked up.  We couldn't be lazy all day though - that would be a waste of a day.  Instead, we ventured the movies ;)   Saw Red.  Brilliant (even if Hoyts is too cheap to turn heating on and we were fair freezing).  After this, off to the supermarket for the weekly shop (yeah, sad way to spend a Saturday night, eh).

Dinner comprised of a fruit salad for Wifey and a couple of pita pockets with garlic and parmesan for me.  (Our lunch was the popcorn at the movies - salt heavy, but tasty!)

Oh crap.  I've been doing my blog and not posting it.  I must stop getting into the bad habit of putting note points down and saying, 'I'll expand on this later'.  End result is what's just happened - three days worth in a short space of time (well, three days when this one gets posted - the other two just went up).  Arrgh.  Life is getting in the way of, well, life ;)

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