Tuesday, November 30, 2010

12WBT +70

Made omelettes for the family for breakfast today.  Three eggs (3 whites, 1 yolk).  Very tasty, as I'd filled them with onion, tomato, ham and a wee bit of cheese...oh, and parsley.  On a normal trip to Brissie, we don't have brekkie until around 10-10.30am.  Today - we'd eaten by around 8.30am.  Someone had internal body clock problems.  Woke myself up at 5.40am...Sydney time.  Arrrrgh.  4.40am.  Wide awake.  How shocking was this?  As usual, I didn't want to disturb Wifey - or get up and wake up her parents.  I lay there and played with the phone...until the battery died.  By then, it was almost 7am and Wifey was stirring.

We went out to look at a couple of new rings for Wifey and to get some keys cut.  This was OK (the mall was a bit chaotic for some reason - Christmas, perhaps?).  Did get a bit stressful driving around the carpark - up, down, up, down...  In the end, we got dropped off and walked home after we were finished.  It's handy that Wifey's parents live only about 10 minutes away from the mall (and I was quite happy that it wasn't too unbearably hot).

Friends came over with their baby for afternoon tea - was nice to catch up with them again (last chance before Christmas).  Wifey's mum put on this brilliant spread that I felt I picked at too much, though in reality, didn't.  Could've been a lot worse.  This ended up being our lunch as well, so in my mind the calorie count wasn't too bad (especially compared to had we had lunch and the afternoon tea).  Dinner was a lovely wee roast.  I managed to contain myself for this and not act like a glutton (as I so often did).

Come 10pm I had run right out of juice - even though there hadn't been anything strenuous going on - just a brisk walk.

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