Monday, November 15, 2010

12WBT +57

Following yesterday's effort was nigh on impossible.  So I didn't.  

I had a slack-arse day - even though I was up and bouncing about at 5.45am.  Did the mountain of ironing that had been sitting in a corner; hidden from view as much as a mountain-sized pile of clean clothes can be.  That was a solid three-hours of my life I'll never gain back ;)

With the house guest, I thought it would be rude to have brekkie before he surfaced, so I waited.  Read the paper in the sun.  Pottered around in the garden.  Wasted a bit of time playing on my phone.  He finally got up around 11ish - to head straight out.  Oh well.  No brekkie - brunch for one instead.  Omelette.  My new fav brekkie/brunch.  That was actually enough to hold me over until dinner - which a few weeks back would've been nigh on impossible.

Wifey decided to come home from her Duke of Edinburgh expedition - knackered.  We sat and shot the breeze over a cup of tea before heading to the wonderful world of Woollies.  Grocery shopping is such a tedious chore.  I am pleased, however, that our trolley doesn't look anywhere near as bad as most.  I now cringe when I see trolleys full of fizz, biscuits, crisps etc.  Not that we have ever been like that but still.  I'm pleased to say that our trolley is virtually empty until we get to the fresh fruit and veg.  Kudos to us - haha.

As we plan our shopping around the next weeks menu, we didn't have anything for dinner - Wifey improvised and did a wee risotto for us.  Very nice.  Not the best thing; not the worst, either.

Mr Grumpy came out to play as we were doing dishes.  I think I may've been just a tad tired...

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