Sunday, November 21, 2010

12WBT +62

TGIF - finally!

This seems to have been a long week.  Not sure whether it's as a result of all the different weather we've had; that work's been a bit slow (particularly during the first couple of days); that I'm getting more and more excited about our holiday; that I'm now starting to look forward to Christmas...or what it is!

Had another early meeting today.  Rushed into the kitchen to make sure I had my brekkie first - a couple of naked crumpets (I'm now at the stage where I'm repulsed by the idea of butter on them).  Quickly scoffed them and off to the meeting.  Had to type up a report from the meeting but put that off to focus on my data set (loving this!).  Worked through lunch (as I thought I might start doing :( ) - I did eat my wrap though.  Wasn't going to miss out on that!

As it's Friday, I'm back to having this as my rest day.  Just the weekly walk to the gym to meet Wifey after her one-on-one PT session.  It was enough.  Friday's seem to drain me and I look forward to whatever I do on Saturdays and Sundays more.  Weird.  Hey, that's me ;)

Once again, we walked into the house to make a bee-line for the kitchen and start on dinner.  Tofu Pad Thai (with hoi-sin rather than fish sauce).  I thoroughly enjoyed this dish.  After finishing it, I really wanted more...but showing it's all in the mind, five minutes later I'd forgotten that I'd felt peckish.  Go team EP - haha.

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