Wednesday, November 17, 2010

12WBT +59

Accelerator day.  Crap.  What happened?  Because it was a salmon salad, some twat crossed off the ingredients without thinking about substituting for the salmon.  The same, aforementioned twat also didn't want to get up earlier to make the omelette for brekkie.  Hmm.  I think we need a new twat in our house - lol.  

Brekkie was two boiled eggs.  Lunch was to be a store bought salad (and another boiled egg I took in for luck) but I was still full from the two eggs at brekkie.  All I had was a small handful of mixed seeds.  To be honest, even when I got home from work I wasn't hungry - not even peckish.  I figured I'd do my exercise (back to the DVDs now that the spare room is free of house guests and I have room to move).  I've said it hundreds of times, but I really, really enjoy these DVDs.  Lots and lots!  Mind you, I wonder if it's because I'm now also starting to enjoy exercising (e.g., enjoying the PT session last Friday - so much so I even told PT this!)?  I could get used to this exercise lark.  If I lose my jelly belly I might start getting more serious.

I got a nice wee email yesterday that was very encouraging - supporting me going to the gym.  The ironic thing is that what was said in it was pretty much, word for word, what PT had told me...and what Wifey said to.  Funny how it can depend who says something to you how much you take heed of the advice.  I'm going to.  I'm now adamant.  Whichever comes first - 85kgs or the start of the next 12WBT round - I will start going to the gym!  It has been committed to paper (albeit electronically), so it shall be.

Reckon I will start losing interest in exercise once my calories start dropping.  At the moment I'm doing about 680-ish in 50mins (doing the DVDs) or around 1000 after a PT session.  I was well chuffed to see my count at 540cals after only 35mins today.  Thought that was impressive - kinda.  I try to work on the basis of burning about 100cals/10mins.  It seems to be a nice, easy to work with, number.

After exercising it was time to get dinner ready - and brekkie & lunch for tomorrow.  A bit mundane, but hey!  Gotta get done or we have mini catastrophes on our hands ;)  The steak was nice and the salsa scrummy.  I really enjoy this meal.  Quick, simple & tasty.  Could have a bit more frequently, too.

I keep thinking about my body shape.  It's great that I'm losing weight - am really stoked that I've finally gotten up off my rear to do something about it.  Clothes are looking a bit daggy on me because I've lost some cms too.  Am happy about all of this!  What I'm not happy about is that I still can't seem to get rid of the jelly belly that's haunting me.  Wifey tells me that it's getting smaller (well, maybe it is) but it's still there.  I don't want to have all this excess flab hanging about - I need to rid myself of it.  I guess I should focus more on some of the core work to see if that helps - or up my cardio - or both.  Most likely both.  I will need the core work to tone what skin is left behind after cardio.  Gee, who'd have thought exercising and getting fit would also work the ol' grey matter? haha

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