Tuesday, November 23, 2010

12WBT +64

Ahh... Sunday.  A chance for a well-deserved sleep-in.  Well, in theory that's how it works.  My body clock doesn't seem to ever want to work with my theories.  I was awake at some ridiculous hour for a Sunday morning and didn't want to get up in case I woke Wifey up (bless, she's such a light sleeper...unlike me).

When we did finally get up it was to do the exciting (mundane!) housebitching.  As we'd changed our PT time from yesterday to today, we were sort of thrown out of kilter by the interruption to the day.  Normally it's not so bad - we have a 7.30am Saturday session with PT and then the weekend to ourselves.  This was a bit of a cultural shift - haha.  I guess what made it more of a shock to the system was that it was considerably warmer at 10am than it is at 7.30am - especially seeing as our favourite spot is in full sun in the mornings (which will no doubt be a massive blessing when the weather changes :) ).

Again, it was another PT session that I thoroughly enjoyed.  God, don't tell me I'm starting to get a bit of a buzz from these?!?  What on earth is happening to me?  Maybe my body has been taken over by an alien...or something.  Nooooooooo.   

Okay.  Moment of insanity over...for now.

So, the PT session.  I even enjoyed the running and sit ups.  PT got out the skipping rope today.  That would've been hilarious for anyone watching.  I'm so pants with the skipping rope it's not even funny!  Actually, I'm so pants that it is funny ;)  By the end of the session I was down another 875 calories.  Perhaps that's my intrinsic motivation now?  Perhaps it's not?

By the time we got back home and showered it was time to head back out again.  This time, back to the shops to pick up a couple of last minute things I'd forgotten the day before - and to have a light lunch before heading to the movies - Harry Potter 7.  It was a good movie, but boy did it make us feel lazy (I almost, almost, felt well guilty for sitting there eating popcorn...salted, at that).

The sad thing about having the popcorn (and the sweets - oopsy) was that it really filled us up (how terribly bad is that?).  We didn't even bother having dinner when we got home.  Mind you, we got home and then straight out again - this time to stock up the cupboards for the week (we looked as if we were dossing with Old Mother Hubbard!).  Getting home from the supermarket was this huge sigh of relief - only to realise that the weekend was officially nearing an end - but the exciting thing is that...wait, the exciting things coming up are (a) the end of season workout in the Domain (yay!!!), (b) the end of season party (yay!!!) and (c) our big Christmas holiday :D  So much to look forward to!  Moreso because of the 12WBT!

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