Wednesday, November 24, 2010

12WBT +66

Blah.  Today is another fat day.  I think every Tuesday I'm feeling like this.  Today's estimate for tomorrow's weigh in is: +1.4kgs.

The popcorn and sweets didn't help.  Nor did the crackers yesterday.  Or the two consecutive days of sandwiches over the weekend.  Hmm...

Today's accelerator day is weird.  I had a couple of boiled eggs for brekkie (since I'm not arsed making an omelette unless it's the weekend).  Lunch was a modified salad, including four beans, boiled potato, boiled egg and a couple of bits of shaved chicken breast.  It was tasty - albeit a wee bit bland.  The stir-fry was, as always, tasty.  Wifey does a mean stir-fry (and carefully picks out as much of the mushroom as she can for Mr Fussy here).  I could handle that most nights.  I do have to admit to having a hankering for risotto again...fingers crossed it appears in week 11's menu.  WOW!  Just saying week 11 is making me reflect on how far I've come (mentally as well as physically) since the start of the program.

Exercise today was back to my fav Cardio Killer DVD.  I think I'm starting to know what Shannan and Mish are about to say...almost line for line.  Sadness epitomised!  Not sure what was up today, but I only did 684 calories.  Am not happy with my efforts in that respect.  On the other hand, I did SO much better with the static lunges and squats - actually, with all the lunges and squats, to be fair.  I'm happy that I'm able to do them without the burn kicking in until the very last minute.  When I first started, the burn was starting before I even pressed play on the DVD! ;)  Okay, that may've been a slight exaggeration but it's not that far from the truth.  

I do have to work a bit more on toning the jelly on the belly.  I'm going through this really mature phase of grabbing a handful of it and jiggling it about - usually when Wifey's around.  It's quite disgusting.  I need to get rid of it - sooner rather than later.  Much sooner!

Wifey's not going to come to the training in the Domain with me :(  She's going to get a haircut instead (which I do approve of as it'll make her more bootiful for the end of season party that evening :) ).  As we can bring a friend, I've asked my mate from work.  We talk exercise.  We're sad like that ;)  Actually, we're doing the fun runs together now, so it's all good.  She's well keen to see what it's all about and I work better if there's someone to keep me company (being a shy wallflower and all - haha).

Popped into the forums before - first time in a while - and boy, the negativity I was feeling a week or two back is well and truly gone.  Granted, I didn't read a lot, just a handful, but the positive vibes are really flowing through there now - so much support from so many people.  Who needs drugs for a high - just pop in and read a few threads.  To be fair, I think it's been like that all along and I was just in a negative headspace (without really realising it at the time, as is often the case).  Hmm...might pop back in for another "fix" of positivity...

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