Tuesday, November 30, 2010

12WBT +69

Let's start off with food (food is good, after all).

Brekkie consisted of a slice of banana bread - nothing overly exciting, but enjoyable and filling (and within the calorie count, to boot!).  When I made the last batch of this, I added some poppy seeds for additional flavour.  This works well...except I always seem to get one stuck in my teeth.  Hmm.

Lunch was a simple salad.  Simple salads are a quick and tasty alternative when we're either (a) running out of things in the pantry or (b) can't be bothered doing anything else :)  How easy is it to throw in a small can of four bean mix, some lettuce, cherry tomatoes etc (including avocado and walnuts for Wifey).  The bonus is I don't even need to mix it up - it gets a good shake in my bag on the way into work.

Dinner - now this is a bit of a different story.  Seeing as we were flying out to Brissie, we had to grab something at the airport.  You'd think that at Sydney airport would have some decent eateries but nope.  They're shit.  Not only shit - over priced.  We had some Chinese.  It was ok, have had a lot better, but I was more than a tad hungry at the time.

I have to say, we were good before we went out to the airport.  Had a session with PT.  Managed to burn off another 980 calories - not sure how many were put back on by eating the Chinese for dinner, most likely quite a few.  I'm trying to work on the basis that I'm going to be good over this weekend away...can't afford a gain this close to the end of the program - gotta look good for the party - lol.

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