Friday, November 12, 2010

12WBT +53

Weather.  It plays havoc with one's body.  Okay, so I'm not 100% positive I can blame the weather, but it makes for a good excuse.  When I woke up it was like the plug had been pulled through the night and the battery hadn't charged.  Energy levels were low...very low.  Even sitting up was enough to make me let out a huge sigh - big enough to make anyone think I'd just run around Australia a couple of times.  Seriously.  Pooped.  

The day didn't get much better, either.  Weighing in was a blunder and a half.  I was more than adamant that I'd gained weight, which was not helping with the mood.  Stepped up to the plate, sighed and stepped on.  So didn't want to look.  I was standing there toying with the idea that I'd just make up a number (i.e., guesstimate how much I'd put on) rather than looking and facing the truth.  Turns out, had I done that I would've been guesstimating the wrong way.  Dropped 1.2kgs.  I know it's a loss and I'm more than happy about that but...I'd like it to be more (as would everyone weighing themselves).  It seems like my thoughts on the last couple of weeks (not being very good in terms of enthusiasm etc) have played out on the scales.  I know I have lots more weight to go but short of upping the exercise and starving myself, I just can't see it happening.  Don't get me wrong, I don't expect it to fall off; I'm likening myself to Oliver now - "please sir, can I lose some more?" ;)

Work was the most boring place to be today.  It was one of those days where time stands still.  By 10am, I could've gone home - it felt like I'd been there for well over the standard 7.5 hours (and it had only been 2.5 hours!).  It was productive though, I'll grant it that.  Got lots of little things done and am now ready to start getting into doing the literature reviews I have to do.  Sadly, I'm looking forward to this.  Geeky, eh?

I really enjoyed lunch today.  Rather than the leftover minestrone from the night before, we had the Mediterranean vege sandwich.  Tasty.  Although, it might be another one that needs assembled at work as it was fairly soggy...

Again, second consecutive day of loving the DVD even more than usual.  Perhaps it was because of the thunder, lightening and rain outside that I was purposely blocking out...  Still.  Who am I to complain when in 50 minutes I can knock off 705 calories.  Yeeeeeeeeeeehaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!  Just wish I could keep it up and it result in bigger losses...  Finally finished the last of the fitness tests.  Who would've thought that I spoke too soon yesterday about not improving?  Not me, that's for sure.  I finally made improvements in the abs! From a measley level one to a mediocre level three.  I'm quietly chuffed about that.  Also made a huge gain in press ups (from 29 to 41 in a minute).  The wall sit was a bit of a let down this time around.  No progress.  Overall, more gains across the board, even if they weren't all great.  Go me!

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