Tuesday, November 30, 2010

12WBT +72

Why is it that when you go away for the weekend they fly by.  Ugh.  Really didn't want to be waking up with the alarm today.  Then, to compound matters, having to drag myself out of bed and to work.  Not a happy chappy.  The more I really, really tried to be enthused, the less it was a happening thing.

Old Mother Hubbard was in our house over the weekend.  When we got home, she'd raided all our cupboards and left us with nothing.  This makes for a challenging time for brekkies and lunches.  Well, not so much brekkie.  Have cereals, have brekkie.  Lunch, on the other hand, was a bit more meagre.  Ended up having four rice cakes - naked.  We didn't have anything to put on them (not anything I felt like, anyhow). At least it was something - and not something terribly bad.

Wanted to go home and have a workout but seeing as I had the eye prob yesterday, that was wiped by a visit to the optometrist (which was followed up by a visit to Wifey at work).  After this, we had to go and fill up the cupboards (then to cook dinner) - the evening flew by.  When we did finally get home from the groceries, it was around 8pm.  Didn't leave much time for exercising - boo.  We had the no bread burgers for dinner - varied to be more a loose mince wrap (using Mexican spices).  Was very tasty.  Only thing was the mountain bread was a bit weak and we had a few spillages.  I guess, worse things do happen at sea - or so I'm told.

I must confess - I snuck on the scales in the morning to see how much I'd put on in Brissie.  Shock, horror - dropped 1kg.  Fingers crossed this lasts until Weds :)  I said to Wifey that in some respects, I'm happy to ease back on the exercises this week - just to see what effect they are having on the weight loss.  Time will tell.  This could just be my way of saying, "over this now".  I don't think it is though.

Hmm - hope you hadn't thought I'd forgotten about the blog, especially this late into the piece.  I hadn't.  Life took over for a bit and I had only been popping in a few bullet point notes to expand on.  Have just done some spit & polishing to flesh them out - hence the mass update!

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