Sunday, November 7, 2010

12WBT +48

Why does work have to interfere with one's life so much?  Huh?  C'mon.  Why?  After two days of sitting through meetings, guess what fun (and I'm using this term lightly here) tasks I had to do?  Bah humbug.  I sat there and typed up the reports from the two days.  This is harrowing stuff, I tell you.  Sitting on your arse doing nothing but trying to read your own indecipherable scrawls, and listening back to the recorded sessions.  I did this for about six and a half straight hours before calling it quits for the day and leaving (s'ok - I'd done all the hours for the week).  Even though I had my brekkie (cereal with yoghurt - no fruit today as we'd run out :( ), I'd forgotten all about my lunch...until I was on the train home, when I realised it was still at work.  Had I had lunch, it would've been the left over pumpkin soup from the other night.  Bah.

PT sent through a text asking if we could have our session at 6.45am - not our usual 7.30am.  Because I'm the world's nicest guy, I said yes.  I should've thought about poor Wifey, but hey.  I was asked.  I don't think she was :)  Them's the breaks - haha.

When I got home, I pretty much sat down and zoned out.  Seriously.  Like a zombie.  I wasn't sleeping and I sure as hell wasn't watching whatever was on the tele.  I may've been looking at it, but nothing was sinking in.  Weird feeling.  Over-tiredness I think.

Wifey allowed me the pleasure of seeing her briefly.  She was involved in a Creative Arts evening at her school and had been at the theatre all day.  Our plan was to pick up dinner on the way back to the theatre (she was home for about 30mins) but this didn't happen as we didn't time things right - go figure.  In the end, we had no dinner.  Actually, I did have dinner.  Corn thins with cottage cheese and tomato on them.  Sadly, it was around 9.30-10pm.  Not good, but better than starving myself most of the day.

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