Saturday, November 20, 2010

12WBT +61

Rather than doing a DVD, for a change again we thought we'd go off for a walk.  This worked out rather well considering we had mail to post (over 12 months after we moved in and we're still getting mail for the previous peeps) and clothes to drop off at the charity bin.  It wasn't a long walk (maybe 45mins) but we were out there in the fresh air.  Also served a secondary (tertiary?) purpose - I've been needing to try and break in some new shoes and what perfect way than to go walking.  Yes, I was worried that my feet would be completely destroyed by them (I have a habit of blistering very easily and quickly in new shoes - I'm a delicate person you know).  Luckily, no blisters.  This bodes well as I think I'll be wearing these shoes a bit when we're away in Africa - especially when going up to see the rellies (gorillas ;) ).

Our walk was only down to the reserve, a loop around the wee track there and then through the bush track home (as opposed to the easier and quicker road).  I had a bit of a sweat up afterwards, which surprised me given that it didn't feel overly strenuous and it wasn't that warm (being the evening and all).

When we got home it was a case of making dinner (I wish the faeries would have come in and done that whilst we were out - domestics are such a chore ;) ).  Chickpea rissoles.  These didn't look much as they were being prepped - they seemed a little, well, runny.  Rolled them in breadcrumbs to see if that would help.  Seemed to do the trick.  Only thing with these is that one should never let EP put in the chilli flakes.  2 teaspoons...and another couple, just in case they've run out of kick, later...  They did have a nice wee bite to them, which was tasty.  Wifey also whipped up a nice wee side salad with them (including beetroot - I love beetroot!).  I rate this dinner, thanks.

Lunch was a rushed salad.  I'm over doing lunches each day.  It's a chore and a half.  This was just a case of a handful of leaves, a tiny tin of mixed beans, beetroot, cottage cheese, tomato and cracked pepper (oh, and a splash of balsamic for luck).  Was tasty but perhaps a few too many flavour sensations for today?  Hmm.

Got all excited at work - I was sent a data file from a survey that I've got to do the analysis on.  How exciting!  It's the first chunk of a project I'm working on so it'll be great to sink my teeth into something substantial.  I'm working across two areas at the moment so it's starting to get a bit tricky juggling my time.  I'll cope.  I need to start getting out for a walk during lunches again - although now with my data I fear I'm going to want to sit in front of it playing :)

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