Friday, November 12, 2010

12WBT +54

Rest day.  Nothing much happening.  Why a rest day?  Well, given my PT session is now tomorrow and not Saturday, and I'm doing exercise on both Sat and Sun, a rest day is called for.  Also, meeting Wifey at work at 6pm meant that I didn't have time in the end to sneak anything in.  Lazy or what? ;)

Still happy that, despite feeling like it's a fat week, I still managed a loss.  Here's hoping for a few more before the end of the program (vanity is taking over - I need to look good to impress at the end of season party - haha).

Food?  What've I had on this fine day?  Brekkie was crumpets (naked as the day they were packed).  Lunch was the left over minestrone.  My only issue with lunch was not so much the food but the fact that the microwave heated the plate up too much and I burnt my finger.  Even have a lovely wee blister to show for it - grr ;)  Ended up having a late dinner as by the time I'd met Wifey and we'd popped in to the supermarket for her to collect things for a school excursion thingee she's going on, it was about 7.30pm when we walked in the door (s'funny - walking in the door.  You're not really walking in the door, per se, are you?  Odd turn of phrase).  Had the chicken parmigiana.  Was nice, filling dish.  Just what was called for.

I was naughty again with snacks.  Had a few rice crackers while arsing about in the kitchen again.  Oh well.  We don't normally have them so I figure it's not so bad (let me keep telling myself this - it helps make EP a happy chappy ;) ).

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