Thursday, September 30, 2010

12WBT +11

Weigh-in Weds.  Wahoo.  (Intense sarcasm intended ;) )

I sat down on the bathroom floor and had a very good one-on-one with the scales*.  I gave them my point of view on things.  They sat in silence and contemplated what I had to say.  We mutually agreed that I would weigh myself and they would not be rude back.

It seemed to do the trick.  Down 1.2kgs.  Okay.  Not the greatest.  But still a loss (1.1% of starting weight - only about another 29kgs to go ;) ).  Worked out that if I could sustain losing that each week, then I'll be uber happy before the trip to Africa.  Noice!  Also worked out that if I upped the ante and start the morning exercising - and throw in the afternoon/evening ones as well - I could perhaps drop a few extra.  I don't want to be an exercise junkie (considering the language I can come up with in front of the TV...and at PT) - I just want to change my lifestyle and maintain a lower weight (and increased activity level).

Before I forget - last week I said that the salad was the best lunch.  In the world.  Ever.  Please allow me the fickleness of revoking that statement and bumping said salad to number two best lunch.  In the world.  Ever.  The new best lunch.  In the world.  Ever.  Period.  Is the feta and pumpkin one.  How delish was that.  How easy was it to make as well? (This is also a factor in my voting - a major factor ;) ).

Once again, modifications to dinner.  Rather than beef stir fry, we were going to have tofu stir fry.  In the end, it became just vege stir fry.  Mmm.  Fans of stir fry in this house.  And this was another winner.

Exercise.  Did the Biggest Loser Cardio Burn DVD again.  I like this as it's only an hour commitment and seems to work many parts of my body that ain't had no working for a long, long time.  Another 735 calories bit the dust.  I know it's good to keep track of this, but I fear it's becoming an obsession with me.  I'm big on being competitive.  Now I want to burn off more than the last time...and I can see it being a case of me wanting to burn off more than I consume in a day (which will definitely help drop the kgs).  Don't know if it's such a good idea in the grand scheme of things though.

* Please note: I may have a streak of madness/insanity, but I didn't really do this.  Truly.  I didn't.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

12WBT +10

Grr.  Don't you just hate it when you feel there's something you need to do but can't remember what - so you just ignore the feeling, only to find out that you only have 5 minutes to get something done?  Welcome to my world.

Due to this slight, erm, technical glitch with my brain, I never ended up having time to eat brekkie :(  How gutted was I?  Mind you, I didn't feel hungry (still had my mid-morning snack).  Lunch was nice - went for a walk down to Darling Harbour with Wifey (yay for school hols).  Granted, wasn't an energetic walk, more a very leisurely stroll.

I did managed to catch myself up in the arvo.  It was like the technical glitch didn't happen (bet Virgin Blue were wishing that, too).  I did start feeling a bit peckish by the end of the day, but you know what?  I'm not feeling like pecking on things like I used to.  I'm only now realising how much I used to snack unnecessarily.  There seems to be more in the fridge.  Don't tell Mish, but we have a cupboard full of crackers - left over from guests at the weekend.  I haven't even been tempted to eat one of them.  Yay me.

Have to say, really enjoyed dinner.  The lentil spag bol was rather tasty.  We decided to cut back the servings due to comments on the menu (gotta love people putting their comments up!  I should, but what do I have to say that others haven't already?).  I was surprised when Wifey had a wee bit more...and I didn't have to.

We went for a walk (rather than the toning exercises - oops).  Just on one hour and I managed to burn just on 700 calories.  Not too shabby.  Could've stepped up the pace - was going at just under what I normally would've.  Don't want to get too far ahead of Wifey though as it feels kinda rude to her.

Am not looking forward to weigh-in day.  I didn't lose anything last Weds - don't think this week will be much better.  I don't feel it will be.  Time will tell (and the scales will spit the result at me.  Grr.  Bitter enemies, that's what we are).

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

12WBT +9

Breakfast today didn't seem as substantial just looking at it but it was just as filling as all the ones last week.  Looks, as they say, are deceiving.  PT suggested that, since I don't eat avocado I should consider adding some ground flax seed/linseed to my cereals so I can get some of the good oils.  Have been adding a couple of teaspoons and have to say, it's very tasty :)

Lunch was a bit...blah.  I put about 1.5 teaspoons of curry powder in with the egg and it still couldn't really taste it :(  I never put the mayo in - trying to cut out the condiments as much as possible (by order of the PT).  It wasn't as filling as I feel it should've been, but in saying that, I still didn't feel hungry (oh, I made it into a wrap using Mish's fav - mountain bread - rather than making a sandwich).  Had a couple of squares of Green & Black's 85% dark choccy for my snack today.  Mmm.  Dark chocolate is so the best people!

Now, that reminds me.  PT has given me a slap on the wrist for having the dijon in the wrap last week - and for having carbs at dinner.  To PT, I gave the two-fingered salute (with a smile, of course).  PT said this as dropping the carbs is the quickest way to weight loss.  I'm not here for a quick fix.  I'm here for a lifestyle change; to live...healthily.

I know Mish has said mornings are the best time to work out but I'm just not up for it yet (been feeling well tired).  This week I'm upping the ante and doing the intermediate program.  Next week I will up it again and do morning sessions.  Lets not jump into the pool without knowing how to swim (or even float).  Moderation, kiddies.  That's my new motto.  So, the effort, after work, was to do the Biggest Loser Cardio Burn DVD.  Bloody hell - they should call it 'kill as many people as we can in a one hour session' ;)  I survived it (obviously, otherwise you wouldn't be reading this...unless someone has hacked into my account...).  The one-hour session, including warm up & stretches, burnt a lovely 776 calories.  Maybe next week I could do morning and afternoon sessions - will deffo put me in calorie deficit then...

Changed dinner tonight - had the leftover cauliflower soup from last week (as we had pizza last night...because we forgot to defrost the soup before our walk and don't possess a microwave to quickly do so - and because I felt like pizza!).

Just had a narcissist moment and had a nose over my blog.  Normally I just write what comes into my head.  For a change, I had a read over some of the entries.  What a load of tripe!  Waffle.  About nothing.  Nothing at all.  What really surprised me - I have followers (note the plural!).  I'm sure people have better things to do with their time :)  Seriously though.  Thanks for following.  I've not even let Wifey read these (told her she can read them after the fact...).

Monday, September 27, 2010

12WBT +8

Since Friday was a day off, & I didn't do Super Session Saturday, & had slight over indulgence on Sat night - SUPER SESSION SUNDAY!  As the young 'uns say, W00t.  

Got up first thing and did the 45min Biggest Loser Calorie Killer DVD.  Some tumshie went and forgot to put their HRM on so wasn't able to keep track of the calories burnt.  Grr.  It was a good session - felt fairly knackered (not literally, of course) at the end of it.  Again, I'm not doing all the exercises proper good like, but I'm doing the best I can - and the only way to go from here is up (i.e. improvement!).  It's good to have something to work towards.

Wifey and I went through all the menus and such for the week.  Once again, it looks as though we have a lot of what was on the shopping list in the cupboards - save all the fresh goodies and a few other bits & pieces.  All good.  

In the evening, Wifey and I went for an hours walk - wasn't at the pace I would've liked but (a) Wifey would be running (or at least doing a fast jog to keep up with me), (b) Wifey has just finished term 3 and was very tired, and (c) the pitfall of exercising is agonising pain (more to come).  I did, however, learn from the mistakes of the past...well, from in the morning, anyhow.  I put on my trusty HRM (which I have come to love...but then, it's a gadget and gadgets & I are good friends).  After the walk, to my pleasant surprise, I had burnt off about 525 calories.  One can only imagine what it would be like if I was going at my pace!  Can't wait to give it another crack - with the HRM.  I have to admit, there are quite a few hills on the walk which help matters.

As mentioned above, the pitfall of exercise is pain.  Oh dear God.  My legs were fair killing me.  I thought the day before was bad - nowhere near as bad as the pain I felt when I woke up today.  I struggled through the DVD - puzzled as to why or how my legs didn't feel as though they were that sore.  Odd how the body works.  Very odd.  One of life's wee mysteries.

Another shock: the first week is over.  Eleven weeks left.  I do fear that this week has lulled me into a false sense of security...  It can't be this easy.  If a fatty-boom-boom can be saying that, it must be true!  I somehow feel that the meals in week 2 don't look quite as substantial as in the first week.  Maybe it's just my mind playing tricks with me?  Maybe my body is doing that to punish me for starving it?  For making it work harder than it has...ever?  Or maybe I'm just exaggerating a bit too much - haha.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

12WBT +7

Oh. My. God.  PT tried to kill me this morning.  I know the old adage, 'no pain, no gain', but WHY? ;)

It was a good session though.  Last week, I puked and lasted only 30mins.  This week, no puke and lasted about 50mins.  I was quietly chuffed (when I could get my breath).  According to the HRM, 836 calories were burnt off.  That's gotta be good (though keep reading to see that it may've been all in vain).  I did have to stop and have a few minutes break as I could read the signals my body was sending about my blood pressure (i.e., a few stars (and not the ones in the sky or the famous celeb-type, either) and very light-headed).  Wifey tells me that I can tell PT that I need a breather at any time, but unless I physically can't (or BP gets too high), I shall continue to push myself.

I am suffering though.  My right hammie is killing me - not sure what happened there, felt a wee twinge of pain yesterday arvo and it's just not come right.  Now, when I say 'killing me', I don't mean in the pain way (always), more...a pain in the rear-end.  What is killing me is my left quad - it seems to be OK doing most of the exercises (a bit niggly at times) - the rest of the time it's agony.  I'm hoping it'll go away soon though.  Made for a slow walk back home from the PT session.

Was a great day weather wise so I went out and tidied up the garden/balcony (as well as a bit of a tidy up for our friends visit).  Felt like lying out in the hammock and soaking up the rays.  SInce I was doing all this, I didn't do my second round of training (to make the Super Saturday Session).  I guess, since I'm exercising tomorrow I can do a bit extra and make it a Super Sunday Session (keeping with the alliteration theme ;) ).

Guests came over and we went overboard with the food.  Not excessive, just more than was needed.  I felt bad...and guilty.  Kashmari spiced lamb roast, green beans, cous cous, and tomato & eschallot salad.  I didn't overindulge too much - a couple of slices of lamb, 1.5 dessert spoons of cous cous.  Where I did fall off the wagon, so-to-speak, was having 3/4 of a glass of bubby and 5 stuffed bell peppers.  What a waste of time going to the PT, huh?  Will try to cut back on calories a wee bit this week as a result.

Actually, I shouldn't feel too bad.  I am sticking to a 1200 (or just a wee bit less) calorie diet.  Given that I'm a fatty-boom-boom, that's an achievement.  One day won't kill long as I don't make it a regular occurrence!

I think the worst part of it was that we didn't sit down to dinner until about 8.30pm - not good having a meal like that so late.  At least we were able to control features of the meal - unlike if we'd gone out to a restaurant :)

Overall, despite the leg pains (muscles trying to remember what they used to do in a past life ;) ) and overindulging, it was a fabulous day!

12WBT +6

Hmm.  Friday was an odd day.

Work seemed to be very productive, which is always good.  I did take an early mark so I could go home and exercise.  While I was on the train I flicked a text to Wifey to suggest I meet her after work (being a school teacher, that was around 4pm-ish).  Bye-bye exercise.  I thought I'd just do it when she was up at the gym with PT - but nope.  Instead, I made a start on cooking the lasagne for dinner (somehow missing the bit in the recipe where it said it made 6 servings!).  Walked up to meet her, as is the routine on a Friday.  That, as it transpired, was my exercise for the day.  Friday, therefore, became my rest day - exercise shall take place on Sunday.  No worries, mate.

Can I just say, I THOROUGHLY enjoyed lunch today.  That salad was top notch.  Bring on more like that!  

Printed out the exercise plans, shopping list and menus for the week.  Already seeing a few tweaks that are needing to be made (anywhere fish is mentioned, our house will be changing it ;) ).

Oh, we were having friends over for dinner on the weekend so Friday night was also spent prepping dinner (calorie overload imminent!).

But, yeah.  So why was Friday odd?  Well, short of a few changes to our regular scheduling, it just didn't really seem like a Friday.  There was none of the usual jubilant rumblings from the office - it just felt like any other week day.  If I wasn't so tired, I could've got up the next morning and headed into work...  Let's hope that doesn't happen!  (I'd like to think I'd notice (a) the train schedule being a bit out of kilter, (b) fewer people on the train, and (c) Wifey giving me odd looks ;) ).

Friday, September 24, 2010

12WBT +5

Yesterday's lunch, the left-over soup, wasn't that good.  Perhaps it's the yoghurt in it? I don't know.  I just didn't...satisfy me.  Don't get me wrong, it was filling and all - but I don't think it was what my body expects for lunches (a bit more flavour/texture).  Might leave it as a dinner, not a lunch, next time.  We'll see.

I was ├╝ber excited yesterday.  For the first time since last Saturday morning, my muscles were no longer aching.  I was able to bend down (bending my knees, of course) and not curse & swear at the agonising pain.  (I know, agonising is a bit dramatic, but I'm still getting used to this whole exercise thing.)

Have been scribbling notes down on the weekly menu & training plan - more so I can remember what I've done or what I thought about meals etc.  I feel like a right geek keeping all these notes.  In saying that, it's come in handy as PT has asked me to flick her what I've eaten on a couple of days and I'm able to say - including the snacks, which is something I've not ever really paid attention to (another reason I'm a lard-arse at the mo', perhaps?).  I guess I've not really considered snacks to be eating (like the three main meals).  

Toning Thursday.  Wasn't 100% sure whether to do the indoors one or the outdoors one.  I opted for the indoors version.  Dug out the DVD Wifey bought the other day - 10 Minute Solutions: Burn Off Belly Fat.  I did all five x 10min sessions.  Perhaps not well.  It did serve one purpose (no, not realising I have abs somewhere in there...deep, deep down...under all the layers...) - it re-emphasised the fact that I have next to no flexibility.  My hamstrings are wound up like an E or first string (<--anyone get the reference here?).  Can't straighten my legs - when lying on my back, the further I lift them off the ground, the more my knees bend.  Very amusing, but makes for some difficulty in doing exercises proper good ;)

Was naughty at dinner.  Wifey wasn't home tonight and I couldn't be arsed cooking.  Ended up having another round of breakfast, with a slice of toast and honey (for desert ;) ).  Luckily I don't mind cereal & fruit, eh? :)  This is one of my bad habits - if I'm home alone, I don't want to cook and either skip dinner or have something 'quick & easy'.  Now, my 'quick & easy' will be limited to things on the menus (so I can keep check of calories consumed).  It's all good...ish.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

12WBT +4

Following a day of forgetfulness yesterday, I started the day off by forgetting my banana for brekkie :(  The rest of it was top notch though :)  As was lunch!  I'm loving the wraps - especially today's one (as it wasn't as soggy as the ones on Mon & Tues).

Was talking to one of the girls at work about exercise today (only 'cos she was heading out to the gym for a session).  Turns out there's a 5.6km run on November 10 and they're thinking of getting a group from work entered.  Hello!  Sign Wifey & I up, said I.  I then mentioned about the 10km fun run on November 7 - looks like we might be getting a team ready for that, too!  This is scary stuff for me.

This morning was weigh-in day.  I really don't enjoy this part of the game.  The scales and I don't see eye-to-eye at all.  I think they object to me standing on them and I object to them telling me what I weigh ;)  Since I last weighed myself, I've lost the grand sum of nothing.  That's right.  Nada.  Zip.  Zilch.  0.  What Paddy shot at.  *sigh*  Let's hope the 105.2kgs, that the scales gleefully spits at me, drops back a wee bit next week!  Was funny - Wifey said that she thought I'd lost a wee bit of my tummy when I got up.  I laughed at her.  Turns out I was right.  I am going to tell myself that 0 weight loss is better than even 0.1 gain!  At the end of the day, even if I don't lose weight (which I can't see happening), I will be gaining a better (and healthier) lifestyle - and slightly improved fitness, especially if I keep up the enthusiasm for fun runs.

Our exercise plan worked out quite well for Wifey and I.  Mish said a 30min power walk with 7 short jogging spurts.  PT told us we had to do something similar as our homework - except using benches etc for resistance.  What did we do?  Well, we combined them.  Jogging & resistance.  What more could we ask for? :)

We did a 15min power walk through the bush track on our doorstep, then ran 1km (about 750m was bush track, the rest was just on the reserve).  The was followed up with some lunges & sumo squats and then a power walk back home - all up, only around 45mins.  When we got home we did some press ups and a plank (and I even managed to last a minute doing it - not a lot, but a good start).  

Dinner was nice today - though next time we might halve the recipe.  There was an awful lot of it.  Might use more chilli, too - just to add more flavour to it.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

12WBT +3

Followed the meal plan according to the letter (save a wee change to brekkie as some plonker forgot to take yoghurt - forgetfulness was today's theme - forgot my glasses on the way to work; and forgot to grab my work keys on the way home *sigh*).

Can't believe that day 2 following such a limited menu (compared to what I was used to) and I'm still not feeling hungry.  Not even peckish.  Amazing!

Exercise-wise I wasn't so flash.  I did Mish's workout (doing much of the outdoors stuff indoors as the weather started to pack it up).  I felt guilty though...

Guilt.  Funny feeling.  Especially when I never used to feel it for being a lazy slob.  Now, perhaps 'cos I've paid the money, I do feel guilty about not getting up and doing things.  I think, when I feel guilty, I'll chuck in one of Wifey's DVDs (10-min workout type stuff) and knock the guilt out of me.

Ohh - now, how could I forget.  Mish's first live video.  Interesting experience.  Over 500 people in there (she must be making a killing from this program - but good on her!).  It's funny.  You read about how people have different personas online.  Not me.  I go into a busy chat room like that and try to blend into the background (as I do in real life).  I did, however, throw a question out there that she answered.  The bonus was that it was an answer I liked!  Even though I'm only eating around the 1200cal mark (not the 1800cal recommended for blokes) it's OK - and I can always eat more when my body needs it, which was kinda what I thought anyway.

There were some other good questions posted but the people who kept repeating their questions or typing in caps really got on my wick (oh, patience level = almost non-existent ;) ).  Otherwise, despite a few technical glitches (and our shitty Optus network here at home!), it was informative - just what I needed :)  I did feel somewhat bad munching away on dinner as Mish was talking though...

Speaking of dinner - we didn't have beef.  We went for the veal option (and I went without avocado - YUK!).  Two dinners this week that really rate for me.  Keep this up and I'll be a very happy camper :)

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

12WBT +2

I survived day 1!  Wonder if there are t-shirts for this major feat? ;)

Ate brekkie - which is virtually unheard of, save for weekends - AND had "playlunch".  All very, very healthy.  Not quite following Mish's recipes to the letter.  I added cinnamon to the yoghurt (which was also easi-yo LF & unsweetened Greek).  I also had 11g of puffed rice.  I was worried about having brekkie - my experience has always been that I'm starving through the day when I do (I know, I know - it just means the metabolism's going).  I had a couple of teaspoons of mixed seeds for "playlunch" and a hardboiled egg for "afternoon playlunch".

Lunch itself was strictly adhered to - except for the adding of additional garlic.  Mmm.  Garlic.  It was very tasty - but very, very soggy (given it was made the night before).  Next time - prep the night before and make at work!  Still.  Enjoyable.

Got home and did a work out.  Nothing earth-shattering.  We bought the Biggest Loser 3-pack and I did the 'Cardio Burn' warm-up and part 1.  Then did the outdoor circuits (except for the lap, as I'd done the DVD warm-up).  After 30mins, I went for a 15min power walk to St Leonards to meet Wifey - who kindly was volunteered to time me doing the 1km time trial...which I did in 6min 15sec.  Wasn't happy with the time but, hey, it's a start!  Did the rest of this week's challenges, too.

Was looking through the recipes for the rest of this week and got a wee bit miffed.  Some of the quantities on the shopping list just don't marry up with the recipes.  Take, for example, yoghurt.  The shopping list suggests 500g - which is perfect for the cauliflower soup on Weds (mmm, looking forward to this, just BTW).  What about breakfasts, huh?  Gee, make us do some mental work as well as the physical, why don't ya? ;)  haha.  Also, more mental workouts with having to double-check where things are (beef mince under cans & packets?).  Ahh, it's all good though :)

Dinner was yummy - I was not looking forward to a sparse pizza, but HELLO!  It was rather scrummy.  Even though I'm a bloke and can have 1800cals, I found that having what was listed was actually more than adequate.  I wasn't hungry (is this a good or bad thing? ;) ).  Let's hope the next 83-odd days will be the same!

Monday, September 20, 2010

12WBT +1 (let it all begin!)

Blackmores Bridge Run was held yesterday.  What a fantastic experience and a great pre-12WBT activity!  Granted it was only 9kms, but it was still good to do.  I managed to run about 3.5-4kms of it.  Sadly, my goal was to run 6km.  Look, given I'm still chesty I'm very happy with my performance.  Time-wise, I did it in around 70 minutes (1hr 10m) - this is only an estimate because I turned the HRM on when the starting gun went off - not when I crossed the start line.  People caused me much pain - with so many people, it's often hard to get around them easily - especially when slower people don't move aside.  I think the most frustrating part was running along Macquarie Street - the street was split in two for those going up to the turnaround point and those heading to the finish line.  Many people in the latter group crossed the witches hats to get around others; this meant that our lot had to move around not only the slower ones, but the ones heading in the opposite direction.  A bit messy really.  

Wifey and I were looking forward to a sausage sizzle at the end.  We queued up and were about 4 people short of getting one in the end - they ran out!!!  Piss poor if you ask me!  (Now, I only say this as I was very much looking forward to one - next year we'll pre-order them when we sign up :) )  We ended up walking back across the bridge to Milson's Point (from Circular Quay) - what was another foot crossing of the bridge - and had a chicken roll from a nice wee place we know there and then on the train home to shower and...recover ;)

Great day!

We made lunches and prepped brekkie from Mish's menu - tres exciting.  I wonder how I'll go with a cutting back of food intake?  What if I starve?  ;)  Am I bovvered?  I'm not bovvered! :)

Last night's dinner: Salad sandwich (with a wee sausage in it - found in the bottom of the freezer...shhhhhh).

Sunday, September 19, 2010

12WBT -1

I. Am. Nearly. Dead.  Well, that might be a slight exaggeration.  The day started off with my very first ever PT session.  I was lulled into a false sense of security - we started off with talking about my goals and reasons for wanting to achieve them (yay for the pre-season task covering this).  We also talked about the exercise I plan to do during the week (number of workouts etc).  Again, yay for me having read through the 12WBT program.  Also covered food.  This was rather funny as I surprised the PT by my list of "I don't eat".  It's not really that long - just broad-ranged (no seafood or nuts - I react to them; no avocado - eww).  Poor PT.  Anyhoo, after this, it was out for training.  I have to confess, I did throw up once.  To be fair, I'm still recovering from my man 'flu (or, for those who are more savvy - my URTI).  I actually think I'm a wee bit too soft, too ;)

Started the PT session with some running, stretching and sit ups.  It was when we started on the circuit (of which I only managed about 4 stations before chucking up).  It was cut short at this point as I was fair knackered.  Finished off with a bit more of a chat about food intake etc.  I don't mind this as it's all learnin' for me.

The rest of the day was a lot more mundane.  Tidy of the house (Wifey did this - I went out and finished water blasting the balcony).  What we did do, though, was to pop out to the supermarket - with the 12WBT shopping list.  We had quite a lot of stuff on the list anyway, so it wasn't as bad as we thought it might've been.  It's good having the list all prepared for us...though we're used to getting groceries for Sat-Fri and got caught out having nothing for last night...hence the take out.  Not sure what tonight will bring...

So.  Even though my posts are technically a day behind (i.e., this is written on Sunday but reflects on Saturday) there's one more sleep until the program begins.  Bring it on I say :D

Last night's dinner: We were naughty and had chinese takeout :(

The Book of General Ignorance fact: Loofahs don't come from the sea.  They're a kind of gourd (therefore growing on trees) that are considered a tasty snack in Asia.

12WBT -2

Oh dear God.  I'm now worrying about what I've let myself in for getting a PT!  In all fairness, it was my idea for Wifey to sign me up with her PT - and to have a joint session with Wifey (which I'm well looking forward to).  It's just that it's happening sooner than I thought.  Wifey got home from her PT session (again, I walked up and met her to walk her home - this has almost been the total sum of my exercise for the last couple of months) and informed me that we're to have our session at 7.30am.  This sounded good in my head when I said I wouldn't do a session after 9am (to save the embarrassment of being seen huffing & puffing).  The reality started to sink in and it wasn't feeling good ;)

I enjoyed the walk up to meet Wifey today.  Why?  Because I sat on my arse all day at work.  I had to get some reports written and out for sign-off.  It was not very much fun - or very active.  Being able to move around was a welcome relief.

Last night's dinner: Kofka with couscous, steamed veges & yoghurt.

The Book of General Ignorance fact: The most dangerous American in history was most likely on Mr Thomas Midgely - the inventor of not only CFCs but lead in petrol.

Friday, September 17, 2010

12WBT -3

Another day of this bloody cold.  At least my voice was coming back...until the second full day of interviews at work started.  *sigh*  Life's tough when you're me ;)

I did manage to sneak online during one of the interviews (I <3 my iPhone) and was pleasantly surprised to see not only the last pre-season task but the real start of the program.  Didn't get to look at too much until I got home.  Was pumped and anxious seeing the last pre-season task.  Measurements.  Is there a tape measure that will be big enough for me?  Well, fortunately the answer is yes :)  Did my measurements and was not impressed.  Not impressed at all.  The numbers were way too high.  What surprised me though was the size difference in my legs - 3cms.  I'm a freak ;)  

I asked Wifey to pick up some bathroom scales on her way home so that I could do the weigh-ins.  Stupid things.  They speak the truth.  I can't handle the truth.  Actually, I don't know if I can count as high as the scales can :s  Nevermind.  In 12 weeks, I will be a step closer to my goal...

Last night's dinner: Vegetarian fried rice.  Very delish.

The Book of General Ignorance fact: How did Catherine the Great die?  If you're thinking it was on the toilet, you're wrong.  She died of a stroke in her bed.  She suffered the stroke while on the toilet but was in bed when she died.

12WBT -4

What a day!  Was involved in interviews ALL day.  It really takes it out of you, let me tell you!  What's worse is when you have a lovely coughing fit mid-way through...  It's amazing how much coughing takes it out of you.  I think my exercise du jour was coughing.  Chest was hurting quite a bit after the big fit.  Nearly a 12-hour day, being sick and being tired is not the greatest combination.

Last night's dinner: Kransky & pumpkin salad.

The Book of General Ignorance fact: Humans have four nostrils.  There are the obvious two, and then there are internal ones (chonnae) that connect the nose to the throat thus allowing us to breathe through our noses.

12WBT -5

Sickness has reigned.  My head has been ready to explode.  Voice has been virtually non-existent.  Bah!  I'm over this cold.  Energy has been anything but forthcoming.  My mind wants to do something to shed the excess weight but my body is clearly objecting with great gusto.  This saddens me immensely.  I hope to be fit & well in the next day or two.

Last night's dinner: Pesto, bacon and spinach spaghetti

The Book of General Ignorance fact: Dogs may appear to have different dialects.  This could explain why different languages interpret the sounds differently.  In Albania, dogs go 'ham ham'; in China, 'wang wang'; in Ukraine, 'haf haf'; in Indonesia, 'gong gong'; and in Iceland, 'voff'.  Whereas nearly every language has a cow going 'moo' or cat 'meow'.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Commit me!

Oopsies - someone forgot to publish his commitment as part of the pre-season task.  It was started - just not fleshed out (unlike me, who is well fleshed out...hence the 12WBT ;) ).  So.  Here 'tis.
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
An ode to commitment (AKA: 12WBT Commitment)

Commitment.  Considered a big word by many.  Considered a bloody huge word by many men ;)  I've made one big commitment (and surviving the first 13 months of that one hasn't harmed me) so today I shall make another.

To Wifey,
Though I should say I'm doing this for you, I can't.
I'm doing it for me.
I'm doing it for us.
For now.  For whatever the future may hold.
I've committed to you on our wedding day.
It's now time to commit to another huge change to my life.
I trust you'll support me in this as you support me day to day.
The following is my pledge and commitment to change;
to change my lifestyle for the best.

No longer will I look for the sweet treats.
No longer will I munch.
No longer will I laze about.
No longer will seconds be had.
I will watch what I eat - avoiding the 'bad' things.
I will be more active - including PT sessions each week.
I will focus on improving overall fitness.
I will do this not because I feel I have to; but because I want to.

These are not for the short-term.
These are for the long-term.
I want us to have a healthy, active life.
I want us to have a healthy, active family.
If I don't make a change for the best now - I don't know if I ever will.

Let's move forward together - happy, healthy & actively!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

12WBT -6

Anyone else as surprised at how quickly Monday comes around each week?  It only seemed like yesterday that it was Friday and next's Monday.  Sheesh!

So.  Watched pre-season task 7 last night.  Diarising things.  Yeeeeeeehaaaaaaw.  Now this is a task I know I can do...and do well.  I love using my diary and ensuring things are in there.  Sad, but if you had a memory that makes a sieve look great, you'd be the same ;)  There are so many things to add but just not sure in what order yet.  I did have a look to see what 'red flags' are coming up and was rather chuffed to see that there weren't many in this 12-week period - and what is there can be moved or workouts worked into the day.

The mini challenge part of the task is a bit more tricky.  What to do?  What to do?  The week 8 mini challenge is sorted - the 10km Run4Fun is on the day before week 8 starts, so that'll be that :)  I would like to think that I can run at least 2/3s of it without stopping to try and catch my breath.  The week 4 one is a sticking point at the moment.  Will need to think it through more.  As for the end of season biggie - again, am kinda at a loss.  Given we're off to Africa the following week I have to think of something good!  This'll be fun :D

Last night's dinner: Homemade chicken schnitzel with homemade coleslaw...and mashed potatoes.

The Book of General Ignorance fact: St Bernards have never carried brandy barrels around their necks.  This came about from a painting by Sir Edward Landseer, who added the barrel 'for interest'.

12WBT -7

Gotta love Sundays...except for it signalling the end of the weekend.

My man 'flu symptoms had not disappeared - even though I took drugs (which I usually resist as I don't believe in them...unless I'm on 'death's door', like now).  A second day of a raspy, husky voice and energy ups and downs (usually the latter).  I did blow my nose an excessive number of times.  Joy of joys.

Despite feeling under the weather still, I managed to make my way to Bunnings to invest in a water blaster (or pressure cleaner, I think they're referred to as here).  Started to clean the balcony - makes a HUGE difference.  Only problem is all the water that sits around.  Half finished the balcony.  The rest will wait until during the week (or maybe next weekend).

The kitchen clean up has finished.  It didn't take terribly long to do as we were surprisingly good in the first place.  Some things aren't being chucked - such as the poppers as Wifey likes one every so often in her lunch - since it's only me doing this, Wifey shouldn't have to give up her treats (and I tend not to drink the poppers in the first place).  The last couple of weeks have seen our grocery bills drop a bit (which is nice on the hip pocket) and consist of more fruit & veges than anything else.  In fact, it's almost safe to say that we walk down every aisle as a form of exercise rather than trolley filling :)

Last night's dinner: Zucchini and halloumi fritters with steamed veges.

The Book of General Ignorance fact: The guillotine originated in Yorkshire.  The Frenchman Guillotin did not invent it, rather he wanted a more humane method of public executions.  His name became synonymous with the device - despite the best efforts of his family.  He, despite common folklore, was not executed by guillotine.  He died from an infected carbuncle.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

12WBT -8

Woke up yesterday after a very restless sleep in the later stages of the evening.  My head was ready to explode!  I felt as though someone had come along with the silicone and blocked my nose up.  Worse, though.  I was swallowing razor blades.  Not literally.  That would just be bad, m'kay.  And messy.  The head cold Wifey had a couple of weeks back had decided to move to the other side of the bed.  Unluckily for me, it was my side it had come to visit.  EP was not a happy camper.  Wifey asked about ten times whether I still wanted to go to the session in the domain - the answer each time was a resounding, 'yes'.  However, getting up and showering was such an effort.  An effort that brought about a massive coughing fit.  Wifey vetoed any objections I made that I was fine and could go.  That was that.  I had been so pumped about going for the last couple of days and then my body goes into sick mode.  I hate my body.  You see what I'm having to contend with?

What an utterly pants day it was in the end.  Despite it being a loverly day weather wise, I couldn't enjoy it.  I would be fine for about 15 minutes and then someone would come along and pull the plug - BAM!  No energy.  No sooner than I felt more alive, I'd be drained again.

I know 'man 'flu' is a bit of a myth, but nevertheless, I have self-diagnosed myself as being a sufferer of it.  I am pleased it happened this weekend though.  Being a newbie at work, I don't have any sick leave or holidays accrued so I couldn't have really been sick during the week.  Also, I have a busy week at work this coming week - including two 12-hour days (YUCK!).  BUT, I really couldn't be sick next weekend as I have engagements that I simply have to do (1st session with PT and the Bridge Run).  Here's hoping it goes away soon.  When my fitness improves, the 'man 'flu' shall be a thing of the past :)

Last night's dinner: Lamb stir fry.

The Book of General Ignorance fact: Champagne - English, not French.  The English discovered fizz and added it to the flat wine imported from Champagne, France.  They also came up with the glass bottles and corks.  The French, however, perfected it and added marketing finesse :)

12WBT -9

Well.  This is it.  We're now down to single digits until the 12WBT begins in earnest.  The last few weeks have been good.  Even though I was full of gusto during week 1 of the pre-season (partially 'cos I was an unemployed bum in between jobs at the time), that soon dissipated.  I'm still dead keen, but I think the last three weeks have helped me reflect on the process about to begin - to give me a chance to fully appreciate what kind of lifestyle changes I'm about to make.

Wifey and I had a good chat about things on the way home from her gym session.  It's fantastic knowing that I've got support (not that family & friends wouldn't support me - more that she's also willing to make changes to her lifestyle to help me out; the give & take of marriage).

We were going to have our first combined session with the PT but the only time PT was available was when we're scheduled to be in the Domain at Michelle's session.  That's kind of a bummer.  All going well PT will be able to fit us in on Saturday mornings from next week (day -2).  Would be good as might help me realise the pain and agony I'm going to be in on Sunday as we do the Blackmores Bridge run ;)

We tried a new lunch dish today - something the PT has suggested.  A couple of tablespoons of barley (cooked, of course) and grilled chicken in a wrap.  The chicken was marinaded in a mixture of chilli, coriander, moroccan seasoning and olive oil first - and tasted FANTASTIC!  PT told Wifey that we can wean ourselves off the wrap and make it more into a salad.  Wish she'd told us that first (she suggested making slow changes, but that wouldn't be a slow change for us :) ).  With summer on the way, we're actually looking more forward to having salads and such for lunches.  A colleague at work almost fell of her seat when I told her I don't eat that much meat; that I'm just as happy having vegetarian.  She seemed to think that all men were big red meat eaters.  I'm not.

Last night's dinner: Roasted pumpkin and kumara risotto (this was our 'cheat' night).

The Book of General Ignorance fact: Chicken tikka masala originated in Glasgow, of all places and is based on chicken tikka, which is a Bangladeshi dish.

12WBT -10

Wahoo!  What a busy day at work.  It was the last day of the handover and I was rushing around like a headless chook trying to work out if I had answers to all my questions before flying solo.  It wasn't so bad in that I was definitely getting my exercise running up and down the office - flying from one end to the other.  Our printers were playing up and the defaults kept changing.  Was fun though.

The only problem with someone leaving an office is that there are the usual lunches and afternoon teas that go with.  This was no exception.  I didn't go to the lunch as I had my healthy sandwich (getting better - no longer having to have a slice of cheese in it) but the afternoon tea was pretty much compulsory...  Avoided most of the bad stuff (cheesecake, muffins, cupcakes, tiramisu cake thing) but not all.  Couldn't resist and had a small fruit flan (filled with custard).  Wasn't overly satisfied with it.  Perhaps it was the guilt?

I was mightily p***ed off on the way home.  Firstly, it had started raining!  Mr Weatherman never said anything about rain (well, he might've and I didn't listen to him...) and I had no brolly.  Normally I wouldn't have complained as I'm only in the weather for a max of 5 minutes during the whole trip home.  Today's problem was that I was in my own wee world and missed my stop.  Got off at the next one and opted to walk home (only a 10min walk) rather than wait the 8 minutes for the next return train.  Forgot about the rain and got drenched.  Did make me walk that bit faster though - haha.  Guess it'll learn me.

Last night's dinner: Falafel & salad wraps (wholemeal wraps).

The Book of General Ignorance fact: Kilts actually come from Ireland and the word is of Danish origin - don't let anyone tell you they're Scottish :)

12WBT -11


What I have to admit is that I'm a big fan of getting new gadgets.  Even the smallest new gadget makes me very happy.

When I got home from work there was a card telling me to pick up a parcel.  Whoo!  I rushed up to the Post Office and picked it up (walking at a brisk rate - had to get there before the post office closed...and Wifey had the car).  What was it?  Why, it was our brand new heart rate monitors!  Now, if that's not going to get me enthused about exercise, what will???

Found the email from Michelle in my inbox (even though it was sent the day before) inviting people to the exercise session in the Domain.  In public.  Hmm.  Will I go?  There's the dilemma.  On one hand...........  On the other, there's the opportunity of meeting Michelle, getting over my phobia about outdoor exercise, getting some exercise in, and if I'm not too sweaty then we can go to the art gallery (that's right, Wifey is going to come along with me :) ).

Last night's dinner: Pork vermicelli (with whatever veges I could find in the fridge).

The Book of General Ignorance fact: Croatia's lasting legacy to the business world is the necktie.  Croatia can be translated into land of the ties - hravat (cravat).

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

12WBT -12

When Wifey got home, the first thing she said was, 'Shall we go for a walk?'.  I don't need to be asked twice - I enjoy going for my walks :)  Off we went, into the blustery wind...which then died down and created this wicked good evening!  Not cold; not hot.  As Goldilocks would say, 'just right'.

We decided to do a short 30min walk.  With the stillness of the evening, the good conversation flowing, and a great chance to get a bit of house envy in, we ended up getting home about an hour later.  It's really nice doing that before dinner (I think after dinner we wouldn't have stuck it out for an hour).

What I forgot about adding to yesterday's entry (even though I only just posted it) was that we signed up for the Run4Fun in November (10kms).  When we finish that, we'll have completed the City2Surf; Blackmore's Bridgerun and this - about 35kms worth.  Huzzah!

Last night's dinner: Vegetarian stir-fry (cauli, bok choy, tofu, carrot, ginger, garlic, onion, garlic shoots, brocollini & egg noodles).  Mmm.  Could do that every night...until I got sick of it.

The Book of General Ignorance fact: Marco Polo originally came from Croatia (which was then a protectorate of Venice).

12WBT -13

In the words of the Mamas & Papas:

Monday Monday, can't trust that day
Too bloody right you can't trust it!  It started off fine...but then, come around midday, I felt that it was Wednesday.  By the end of the day, I was willing it to be Friday.  I knew it wasn't though.  Days like this just take it out of you.  Things seem to be going in a particular direction and then - whammy!  You're like all confused with life.

Maybe that's just me.

Even getting home and thinking about what to do didn't pan out!  I came home and was spaced out instead.  Weird as feeling.  I was going to do all kinds of things but didn't do anything (save watch Wifey cook dinner, which, I must say, was well tasty!).

I'm thinking that I might make Mondays my 'lazy day'.  We all need one of them once in a while.  And so it shall be (until I change my mind, which is par for the course!).

Last night's dinner: Vegetarian shepherds pie (very scrummy!).

The Book of General Ignorance fact: Chop suey is actually Chinese.  It's attributed to Toisan in southern Canton and is called tsap seui (misc. scraps).

12WBT -14

Only two weeks to go.  I guess this is pre-season hump day?  It's all downhill from here (until the program begins and it may feel like an uphill slog?).  Yikes!  Anyone else thinking that time is going so quickly...yet, at the same time, so slowly?

I've been a slacker again with this blog.  I pop in each day, make some notes and forget to either expand on the notes or to publish them.  Yesterday it dawned on me that I was behind...and not for the first time this week, either.  Perhaps I should schedule blogging along with a workout?  Actually, that's not a dumb idea!

Got up just before 7am yesterday to work on my PhD (see - scheduled in) and that's when I realised I'd not been posting the blog (and even if it does go up late, I still want to have it as a record of the ups & downs experienced).  Tidied up the last few days worth of entries (thank God for me putting notes in each day - I wonder if this program will help my ailing memory?) and posted them...then made a start on PhDing.  I just have to say, choosing to do a PhD that relies statistical analyses is not the best idea in the world - 'specially when statistics and you do NOT see eye-to-eye.  I shall persevere though.

Exercise consisted of...walking around IKEA...then Freedom.  The only thing that really annoyed me was that most people were dilly-dallying and getting in my way.  Grr ;)

Last night's dinner: Pasta - using a great low GI recipe!

The Book of General Ignorance fact: Only four galaxies are visible to the naked eye.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

12WBT -15

Wifey woke up this morning and decided that there was too much 'clutter' around the house.  Spring is here; time to spring clean.  The WHOLE day was spent going through cupboards (of junk) and clothes.  While I may have been a bit complainy about it all, the weather was absolute pants (curse the rain and wind!) and the trains weren't running (curse weekend track works!) so I guess it was the best time to get stuck in and do it.  It's amazing how much crap we accumulate over a very short time.  We've only been in Sydney for two years and already have about 20 big tubs of stuff stored in the garage - not to mention all the stuff not stored, but sitting around the house!  A purge is always good.

For the last few months we've been writing out weekly menus and only buying groceries we need for these meals.  Can I just say that this is the best thing in the world we've decided to do? Not only are we now saving money on the weekly shop (down about $50pw on what it was - not much in the grand scheme of things, but that works out to about 25% for us), but - what I think is even more important than the monetary savings - we're hardly wasting anything now.  On grocery day we'd go to the fridge and throw out all the stuff we'd not used during the week to make way for the new stock.  Now, there's almost nothing being thrown out.  This is good, particularly for the environment.  

I think it finally dawned on me today that this may be the last Saturday I have of sheer laziness - especially if PT is going to attempt to kill me each week ;)  Ahh, it's all for the better good...

Last night's dinner: Pork mince tacos with corn on the cob.

The Book of General Ignorance fact: Chameleons don't change colour to match the background.  Rather, they change due to different emotional states.  Matching the background colour is a fluke.

12WBT -16

Wifey had her weekly session with her personal trainer.  This was it for me as Wifey asked if the PT would take me on as a client (I've met her before so feel comfortable with her).  Apparently it was a good session for Wifey.  She's been under the weather this last week with a bit of the bot so her session was a lighter training and an opportunity to talk through a few things - such as her food diary (which is pretty much identical to mine).  We only got told off for a couple of things, which was good (considering we've not really started on the food side of things).  The first thing that we need to work on is not having carbs (usually pasta) in the evening.  Our possible solution is to make up pasta dishes for lunches...though it's loverly, especially in cooler months, to have a pasta dish for dinner.  The second thing we're to work on, and this has been alluded to in earlier postings, is to cut cheese out of our lunch.  We both love cheese.  It'll be difficult but we'll start using either Weight Watchers cream cheese or lite cottage cheese (both of which are perfectly acceptable to me...and to PT).

As said above, PT is happy to take me on as a client.  What I never said is that I need motivation...and lots of it.  Luckily, I have the best Wifey I could ask for.  She's so supportive, encouraging and motivating.  That she's keen to work on her body as well is a big help (though, if you ask me, she's perfect as she is).  We're going to train with PT together once a week (as well as Wifey having her one-on-one once a week, which, I will add that I always walk up to the gym and meet her after!).  PT suggested our first session be this Sunday morning (i.e., tomorrow).  I know it's an excuse, but I said no.  Sunday mornings I'm dedicating to my PhD (a win-win situation for Wifey and I - she gets a sleep in and I can plough through my study).  We'll start next weekend - hopefully either 7 or 8am on Saturday mornings.

On a different note, week one in the new job is over.  It'll be interesting - to a point.  I hope that it'll continue to challenge me (all jobs do in the first couple of weeks until I get my head around things).  Had a chat with my manager and he's all for me taking on other things (might've had something to do with (a) me saying I get bored when things become too routine, and this results in me looking elsewhere, and (b) me saying I knew how to use a data analysis program that pretty much no one else there does...and they pay a fortune to outsource their analyses that could be easily done in-house).  Will play the ol' wait & see game.  At least I'm not feeling as mentally and physically exhausted at the end of the week as I was in my old job!  A shorter commute (about 60-70% shorter) may have something to do with that...

Last night's dinner: Spaghetti & meatballs with lotsa veges in the sauce (using wholemeal pene, not spaghetti).  Starting to work on portion control now.

The Book of General Ignorance fact: Lemmings don't commit suicide.  Due to their profound breeding, they overpopulate and essentially run out of space.

12WBT -17

Having seen Michelle's Facebook posting about heart rate monitors I figured that investing in one couldn't be all that bad (I am pleased that I did a general search for the ones she was promoting as I found the same thing cheaper elsewhere).  Another factor in deciding to get one is that my blood pressure borders on being too high (borders is a bit of an exaggeration - it IS high - to the point of me getting sick of doctors being concerned about it!) and if I'm going to start doing physical activities, I should really try and pay as much attention to my body as I can - considering it will be doing things I've not made it do before so I don't know whether it'll throw any different warning signs.  Also, the monitor could beep and show numbers and I can be all 'ooohhhh' and 'aaaahhhh' (I'm a boy - I like gadgets ;) ).  Wifey got one too, so that was nice.  We're now working on matching exercise outfits - just kidding!

Michelle's latest task (#4) went up.  That also triggered the purchase.  It was interesting.  I came to the realisation that I'm still not over my mindset that gyms are for fit people not fat people.  I'm going to do my workouts either at home or outside.  Hey, when I lose the weight then I'll have the confidence to enter a gym again.

So.  Exercising six times a week.  Right.  Six.  A week.  This caused a minor shock to the system.  I don't know why, but for some really bizarre reason, I wasn't expecting this.  It's not that I don't want to do it.  It's more a case of you're mind is saying, 'Right.  Let's do it.  Three times a week and you'll be off to a good start.' and then it hears six times a week and it's all, 'six?  That's more than three.  Something's not quite adding up here.' - y'know what I'm saying?  It's good in the sense that it's now making me think about my week in a more holistic way - not just on a day-by-day basis (or on the usual 'get up - shower - go to work - come home - cook dinner - go to bed' routine).  I'm now thinking about scheduling a workout into my day.  Scarily (in a very good way), I'm thinking about the pre-season tasks (and we're still in pre-season mode - there's something to be said for Michelle's strategy here!).  

  • What were some of my excuses?  - I exercise best in the mornings, but want to snuggle with Wifey.
  • What were some of my goals? - I want to workout at least 2-3 times a week (in the first month).

Well, hello!  The alarm bells are ringing.  To rid myself of that excuse I'm going to have to schedule the workout.  Now to start looking at when (as, courtesy of pre-season task #4, I know where - thanks to the local council, I have quick & easy access to a couple of parks & reserves...not to mention a bush track).  My goals may have been a wee bit under-ambitious upon reflection - but at the time I didn't think so.  At least I can go back to them and revisit/revise a positive way (not, 'that was too difficult, I was never going to be able to do that', more, 'wowsers!  I've achieved that goal already, lets make some more!').

Last night's dinner: Pork fillet in smokey tomato broth.

The Book of General Ignorance fact: Marmots can kill people.  They cough on other creatures (rats etc) which can then spread the bubonic plague.

12WBT -18

So.  I'm getting better with not using excuses (yay!).  Working towards goals.  Check.  Have done a couple night's exercise this week already (and the week ain't over).  Starting to look into a personal trainer (who will no doubt try to kill me...).  Signed up for the Blackmores Bridge Run next month, which is part of one of my goals (now, this could be well interesting as one of my goals was to run at least 2/3 of it...if I do, I hope I live to type another blog entry after that!).

With the warmer weather on the way now, I'm pumped at the prospect of heading outside and getting some exercisin' done.  I think, having spent WAY too much of my life thinking that being a couch potato is acceptable, I'm more than ready for the huge psychological change I'm about to go through.  Wifey and I have discussed it several times and I've always been like, ' week'.  As far as I'm concerned now, next week is finally here!

Last night's dinner: Braised veges (eggplant, zucchini, capsicum, tomatoes, onions, garlic) on polenta - with fresh basil leaves.  Mmm.  Freshness.

The Book of General Ignorance fact: The most dangerous animal that's ever lived is the female mosquito (males only bite plants).