Friday, September 17, 2010

12WBT -3

Another day of this bloody cold.  At least my voice was coming back...until the second full day of interviews at work started.  *sigh*  Life's tough when you're me ;)

I did manage to sneak online during one of the interviews (I <3 my iPhone) and was pleasantly surprised to see not only the last pre-season task but the real start of the program.  Didn't get to look at too much until I got home.  Was pumped and anxious seeing the last pre-season task.  Measurements.  Is there a tape measure that will be big enough for me?  Well, fortunately the answer is yes :)  Did my measurements and was not impressed.  Not impressed at all.  The numbers were way too high.  What surprised me though was the size difference in my legs - 3cms.  I'm a freak ;)  

I asked Wifey to pick up some bathroom scales on her way home so that I could do the weigh-ins.  Stupid things.  They speak the truth.  I can't handle the truth.  Actually, I don't know if I can count as high as the scales can :s  Nevermind.  In 12 weeks, I will be a step closer to my goal...

Last night's dinner: Vegetarian fried rice.  Very delish.

The Book of General Ignorance fact: How did Catherine the Great die?  If you're thinking it was on the toilet, you're wrong.  She died of a stroke in her bed.  She suffered the stroke while on the toilet but was in bed when she died.

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  1. Am I allowed to laugh re Catherine the Great whilst at the same time sending condolences on the great "Scales of Truth" :)

    My scales come from the same family.

    The tape measure too. Hmmmm. Maybe they were a dodgy lot purchase and we can send them back and find we are great as we are - lol..

    Bounced in here from the 12wbt forums. Good luck for the next 12 weeks. :)