Sunday, September 26, 2010

12WBT +7

Oh. My. God.  PT tried to kill me this morning.  I know the old adage, 'no pain, no gain', but WHY? ;)

It was a good session though.  Last week, I puked and lasted only 30mins.  This week, no puke and lasted about 50mins.  I was quietly chuffed (when I could get my breath).  According to the HRM, 836 calories were burnt off.  That's gotta be good (though keep reading to see that it may've been all in vain).  I did have to stop and have a few minutes break as I could read the signals my body was sending about my blood pressure (i.e., a few stars (and not the ones in the sky or the famous celeb-type, either) and very light-headed).  Wifey tells me that I can tell PT that I need a breather at any time, but unless I physically can't (or BP gets too high), I shall continue to push myself.

I am suffering though.  My right hammie is killing me - not sure what happened there, felt a wee twinge of pain yesterday arvo and it's just not come right.  Now, when I say 'killing me', I don't mean in the pain way (always), more...a pain in the rear-end.  What is killing me is my left quad - it seems to be OK doing most of the exercises (a bit niggly at times) - the rest of the time it's agony.  I'm hoping it'll go away soon though.  Made for a slow walk back home from the PT session.

Was a great day weather wise so I went out and tidied up the garden/balcony (as well as a bit of a tidy up for our friends visit).  Felt like lying out in the hammock and soaking up the rays.  SInce I was doing all this, I didn't do my second round of training (to make the Super Saturday Session).  I guess, since I'm exercising tomorrow I can do a bit extra and make it a Super Sunday Session (keeping with the alliteration theme ;) ).

Guests came over and we went overboard with the food.  Not excessive, just more than was needed.  I felt bad...and guilty.  Kashmari spiced lamb roast, green beans, cous cous, and tomato & eschallot salad.  I didn't overindulge too much - a couple of slices of lamb, 1.5 dessert spoons of cous cous.  Where I did fall off the wagon, so-to-speak, was having 3/4 of a glass of bubby and 5 stuffed bell peppers.  What a waste of time going to the PT, huh?  Will try to cut back on calories a wee bit this week as a result.

Actually, I shouldn't feel too bad.  I am sticking to a 1200 (or just a wee bit less) calorie diet.  Given that I'm a fatty-boom-boom, that's an achievement.  One day won't kill long as I don't make it a regular occurrence!

I think the worst part of it was that we didn't sit down to dinner until about 8.30pm - not good having a meal like that so late.  At least we were able to control features of the meal - unlike if we'd gone out to a restaurant :)

Overall, despite the leg pains (muscles trying to remember what they used to do in a past life ;) ) and overindulging, it was a fabulous day!

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