Tuesday, September 14, 2010

12WBT -6

Anyone else as surprised at how quickly Monday comes around each week?  It only seemed like yesterday that it was Friday and next thing...it's Monday.  Sheesh!

So.  Watched pre-season task 7 last night.  Diarising things.  Yeeeeeeehaaaaaaw.  Now this is a task I know I can do...and do well.  I love using my diary and ensuring things are in there.  Sad, but if you had a memory that makes a sieve look great, you'd be the same ;)  There are so many things to add but just not sure in what order yet.  I did have a look to see what 'red flags' are coming up and was rather chuffed to see that there weren't many in this 12-week period - and what is there can be moved or workouts worked into the day.

The mini challenge part of the task is a bit more tricky.  What to do?  What to do?  The week 8 mini challenge is sorted - the 10km Run4Fun is on the day before week 8 starts, so that'll be that :)  I would like to think that I can run at least 2/3s of it without stopping to try and catch my breath.  The week 4 one is a sticking point at the moment.  Will need to think it through more.  As for the end of season biggie - again, am kinda at a loss.  Given we're off to Africa the following week I have to think of something good!  This'll be fun :D

Last night's dinner: Homemade chicken schnitzel with homemade coleslaw...and mashed potatoes.

The Book of General Ignorance fact: St Bernards have never carried brandy barrels around their necks.  This came about from a painting by Sir Edward Landseer, who added the barrel 'for interest'.

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