Tuesday, September 28, 2010

12WBT +9

Breakfast today didn't seem as substantial just looking at it but it was just as filling as all the ones last week.  Looks, as they say, are deceiving.  PT suggested that, since I don't eat avocado I should consider adding some ground flax seed/linseed to my cereals so I can get some of the good oils.  Have been adding a couple of teaspoons and have to say, it's very tasty :)

Lunch was a bit...blah.  I put about 1.5 teaspoons of curry powder in with the egg and it still couldn't really taste it :(  I never put the mayo in - trying to cut out the condiments as much as possible (by order of the PT).  It wasn't as filling as I feel it should've been, but in saying that, I still didn't feel hungry (oh, I made it into a wrap using Mish's fav - mountain bread - rather than making a sandwich).  Had a couple of squares of Green & Black's 85% dark choccy for my snack today.  Mmm.  Dark chocolate is so the best people!

Now, that reminds me.  PT has given me a slap on the wrist for having the dijon in the wrap last week - and for having carbs at dinner.  To PT, I gave the two-fingered salute (with a smile, of course).  PT said this as dropping the carbs is the quickest way to weight loss.  I'm not here for a quick fix.  I'm here for a lifestyle change; to live...healthily.

I know Mish has said mornings are the best time to work out but I'm just not up for it yet (been feeling well tired).  This week I'm upping the ante and doing the intermediate program.  Next week I will up it again and do morning sessions.  Lets not jump into the pool without knowing how to swim (or even float).  Moderation, kiddies.  That's my new motto.  So, the effort, after work, was to do the Biggest Loser Cardio Burn DVD.  Bloody hell - they should call it 'kill as many people as we can in a one hour session' ;)  I survived it (obviously, otherwise you wouldn't be reading this...unless someone has hacked into my account...).  The one-hour session, including warm up & stretches, burnt a lovely 776 calories.  Maybe next week I could do morning and afternoon sessions - will deffo put me in calorie deficit then...

Changed dinner tonight - had the leftover cauliflower soup from last week (as we had pizza last night...because we forgot to defrost the soup before our walk and don't possess a microwave to quickly do so - and because I felt like pizza!).

Just had a narcissist moment and had a nose over my blog.  Normally I just write what comes into my head.  For a change, I had a read over some of the entries.  What a load of tripe!  Waffle.  About nothing.  Nothing at all.  What really surprised me - I have followers (note the plural!).  I'm sure people have better things to do with their time :)  Seriously though.  Thanks for following.  I've not even let Wifey read these (told her she can read them after the fact...).


  1. No seriously, nothing better to do! LOL! You are not writing about nothing, you are writing about a journey and so far it is a pretty darn good journey.

  2. I found this post very interesting, keeping blogging! ;)

  3. Thank you. Appreciate the comments.

    At least my daily posts will give you something to do for a couple of mins each day :P haha

    I hope I can keep up the daily entries until the end of the program. So far, so good...