Wednesday, September 8, 2010

12WBT -12

When Wifey got home, the first thing she said was, 'Shall we go for a walk?'.  I don't need to be asked twice - I enjoy going for my walks :)  Off we went, into the blustery wind...which then died down and created this wicked good evening!  Not cold; not hot.  As Goldilocks would say, 'just right'.

We decided to do a short 30min walk.  With the stillness of the evening, the good conversation flowing, and a great chance to get a bit of house envy in, we ended up getting home about an hour later.  It's really nice doing that before dinner (I think after dinner we wouldn't have stuck it out for an hour).

What I forgot about adding to yesterday's entry (even though I only just posted it) was that we signed up for the Run4Fun in November (10kms).  When we finish that, we'll have completed the City2Surf; Blackmore's Bridgerun and this - about 35kms worth.  Huzzah!

Last night's dinner: Vegetarian stir-fry (cauli, bok choy, tofu, carrot, ginger, garlic, onion, garlic shoots, brocollini & egg noodles).  Mmm.  Could do that every night...until I got sick of it.

The Book of General Ignorance fact: Marco Polo originally came from Croatia (which was then a protectorate of Venice).

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