Sunday, September 12, 2010

12WBT -10

Wahoo!  What a busy day at work.  It was the last day of the handover and I was rushing around like a headless chook trying to work out if I had answers to all my questions before flying solo.  It wasn't so bad in that I was definitely getting my exercise running up and down the office - flying from one end to the other.  Our printers were playing up and the defaults kept changing.  Was fun though.

The only problem with someone leaving an office is that there are the usual lunches and afternoon teas that go with.  This was no exception.  I didn't go to the lunch as I had my healthy sandwich (getting better - no longer having to have a slice of cheese in it) but the afternoon tea was pretty much compulsory...  Avoided most of the bad stuff (cheesecake, muffins, cupcakes, tiramisu cake thing) but not all.  Couldn't resist and had a small fruit flan (filled with custard).  Wasn't overly satisfied with it.  Perhaps it was the guilt?

I was mightily p***ed off on the way home.  Firstly, it had started raining!  Mr Weatherman never said anything about rain (well, he might've and I didn't listen to him...) and I had no brolly.  Normally I wouldn't have complained as I'm only in the weather for a max of 5 minutes during the whole trip home.  Today's problem was that I was in my own wee world and missed my stop.  Got off at the next one and opted to walk home (only a 10min walk) rather than wait the 8 minutes for the next return train.  Forgot about the rain and got drenched.  Did make me walk that bit faster though - haha.  Guess it'll learn me.

Last night's dinner: Falafel & salad wraps (wholemeal wraps).

The Book of General Ignorance fact: Kilts actually come from Ireland and the word is of Danish origin - don't let anyone tell you they're Scottish :)

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