Tuesday, September 14, 2010

12WBT -7

Gotta love Sundays...except for it signalling the end of the weekend.

My man 'flu symptoms had not disappeared - even though I took drugs (which I usually resist as I don't believe in them...unless I'm on 'death's door', like now).  A second day of a raspy, husky voice and energy ups and downs (usually the latter).  I did blow my nose an excessive number of times.  Joy of joys.

Despite feeling under the weather still, I managed to make my way to Bunnings to invest in a water blaster (or pressure cleaner, I think they're referred to as here).  Started to clean the balcony - makes a HUGE difference.  Only problem is all the water that sits around.  Half finished the balcony.  The rest will wait until during the week (or maybe next weekend).

The kitchen clean up has finished.  It didn't take terribly long to do as we were surprisingly good in the first place.  Some things aren't being chucked - such as the poppers as Wifey likes one every so often in her lunch - since it's only me doing this, Wifey shouldn't have to give up her treats (and I tend not to drink the poppers in the first place).  The last couple of weeks have seen our grocery bills drop a bit (which is nice on the hip pocket) and consist of more fruit & veges than anything else.  In fact, it's almost safe to say that we walk down every aisle as a form of exercise rather than trolley filling :)

Last night's dinner: Zucchini and halloumi fritters with steamed veges.

The Book of General Ignorance fact: The guillotine originated in Yorkshire.  The Frenchman Guillotin did not invent it, rather he wanted a more humane method of public executions.  His name became synonymous with the device - despite the best efforts of his family.  He, despite common folklore, was not executed by guillotine.  He died from an infected carbuncle.

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