Wednesday, September 22, 2010

12WBT +3

Followed the meal plan according to the letter (save a wee change to brekkie as some plonker forgot to take yoghurt - forgetfulness was today's theme - forgot my glasses on the way to work; and forgot to grab my work keys on the way home *sigh*).

Can't believe that day 2 following such a limited menu (compared to what I was used to) and I'm still not feeling hungry.  Not even peckish.  Amazing!

Exercise-wise I wasn't so flash.  I did Mish's workout (doing much of the outdoors stuff indoors as the weather started to pack it up).  I felt guilty though...

Guilt.  Funny feeling.  Especially when I never used to feel it for being a lazy slob.  Now, perhaps 'cos I've paid the money, I do feel guilty about not getting up and doing things.  I think, when I feel guilty, I'll chuck in one of Wifey's DVDs (10-min workout type stuff) and knock the guilt out of me.

Ohh - now, how could I forget.  Mish's first live video.  Interesting experience.  Over 500 people in there (she must be making a killing from this program - but good on her!).  It's funny.  You read about how people have different personas online.  Not me.  I go into a busy chat room like that and try to blend into the background (as I do in real life).  I did, however, throw a question out there that she answered.  The bonus was that it was an answer I liked!  Even though I'm only eating around the 1200cal mark (not the 1800cal recommended for blokes) it's OK - and I can always eat more when my body needs it, which was kinda what I thought anyway.

There were some other good questions posted but the people who kept repeating their questions or typing in caps really got on my wick (oh, patience level = almost non-existent ;) ).  Otherwise, despite a few technical glitches (and our shitty Optus network here at home!), it was informative - just what I needed :)  I did feel somewhat bad munching away on dinner as Mish was talking though...

Speaking of dinner - we didn't have beef.  We went for the veal option (and I went without avocado - YUK!).  Two dinners this week that really rate for me.  Keep this up and I'll be a very happy camper :)

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