Sunday, September 12, 2010

12WBT -9

Well.  This is it.  We're now down to single digits until the 12WBT begins in earnest.  The last few weeks have been good.  Even though I was full of gusto during week 1 of the pre-season (partially 'cos I was an unemployed bum in between jobs at the time), that soon dissipated.  I'm still dead keen, but I think the last three weeks have helped me reflect on the process about to begin - to give me a chance to fully appreciate what kind of lifestyle changes I'm about to make.

Wifey and I had a good chat about things on the way home from her gym session.  It's fantastic knowing that I've got support (not that family & friends wouldn't support me - more that she's also willing to make changes to her lifestyle to help me out; the give & take of marriage).

We were going to have our first combined session with the PT but the only time PT was available was when we're scheduled to be in the Domain at Michelle's session.  That's kind of a bummer.  All going well PT will be able to fit us in on Saturday mornings from next week (day -2).  Would be good as might help me realise the pain and agony I'm going to be in on Sunday as we do the Blackmores Bridge run ;)

We tried a new lunch dish today - something the PT has suggested.  A couple of tablespoons of barley (cooked, of course) and grilled chicken in a wrap.  The chicken was marinaded in a mixture of chilli, coriander, moroccan seasoning and olive oil first - and tasted FANTASTIC!  PT told Wifey that we can wean ourselves off the wrap and make it more into a salad.  Wish she'd told us that first (she suggested making slow changes, but that wouldn't be a slow change for us :) ).  With summer on the way, we're actually looking more forward to having salads and such for lunches.  A colleague at work almost fell of her seat when I told her I don't eat that much meat; that I'm just as happy having vegetarian.  She seemed to think that all men were big red meat eaters.  I'm not.

Last night's dinner: Roasted pumpkin and kumara risotto (this was our 'cheat' night).

The Book of General Ignorance fact: Chicken tikka masala originated in Glasgow, of all places and is based on chicken tikka, which is a Bangladeshi dish.

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