Sunday, September 12, 2010

12WBT -8

Woke up yesterday after a very restless sleep in the later stages of the evening.  My head was ready to explode!  I felt as though someone had come along with the silicone and blocked my nose up.  Worse, though.  I was swallowing razor blades.  Not literally.  That would just be bad, m'kay.  And messy.  The head cold Wifey had a couple of weeks back had decided to move to the other side of the bed.  Unluckily for me, it was my side it had come to visit.  EP was not a happy camper.  Wifey asked about ten times whether I still wanted to go to the session in the domain - the answer each time was a resounding, 'yes'.  However, getting up and showering was such an effort.  An effort that brought about a massive coughing fit.  Wifey vetoed any objections I made that I was fine and could go.  That was that.  I had been so pumped about going for the last couple of days and then my body goes into sick mode.  I hate my body.  You see what I'm having to contend with?

What an utterly pants day it was in the end.  Despite it being a loverly day weather wise, I couldn't enjoy it.  I would be fine for about 15 minutes and then someone would come along and pull the plug - BAM!  No energy.  No sooner than I felt more alive, I'd be drained again.

I know 'man 'flu' is a bit of a myth, but nevertheless, I have self-diagnosed myself as being a sufferer of it.  I am pleased it happened this weekend though.  Being a newbie at work, I don't have any sick leave or holidays accrued so I couldn't have really been sick during the week.  Also, I have a busy week at work this coming week - including two 12-hour days (YUCK!).  BUT, I really couldn't be sick next weekend as I have engagements that I simply have to do (1st session with PT and the Bridge Run).  Here's hoping it goes away soon.  When my fitness improves, the 'man 'flu' shall be a thing of the past :)

Last night's dinner: Lamb stir fry.

The Book of General Ignorance fact: Champagne - English, not French.  The English discovered fizz and added it to the flat wine imported from Champagne, France.  They also came up with the glass bottles and corks.  The French, however, perfected it and added marketing finesse :)

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