Sunday, September 5, 2010

12WBT -16

Wifey had her weekly session with her personal trainer.  This was it for me as Wifey asked if the PT would take me on as a client (I've met her before so feel comfortable with her).  Apparently it was a good session for Wifey.  She's been under the weather this last week with a bit of the bot so her session was a lighter training and an opportunity to talk through a few things - such as her food diary (which is pretty much identical to mine).  We only got told off for a couple of things, which was good (considering we've not really started on the food side of things).  The first thing that we need to work on is not having carbs (usually pasta) in the evening.  Our possible solution is to make up pasta dishes for lunches...though it's loverly, especially in cooler months, to have a pasta dish for dinner.  The second thing we're to work on, and this has been alluded to in earlier postings, is to cut cheese out of our lunch.  We both love cheese.  It'll be difficult but we'll start using either Weight Watchers cream cheese or lite cottage cheese (both of which are perfectly acceptable to me...and to PT).

As said above, PT is happy to take me on as a client.  What I never said is that I need motivation...and lots of it.  Luckily, I have the best Wifey I could ask for.  She's so supportive, encouraging and motivating.  That she's keen to work on her body as well is a big help (though, if you ask me, she's perfect as she is).  We're going to train with PT together once a week (as well as Wifey having her one-on-one once a week, which, I will add that I always walk up to the gym and meet her after!).  PT suggested our first session be this Sunday morning (i.e., tomorrow).  I know it's an excuse, but I said no.  Sunday mornings I'm dedicating to my PhD (a win-win situation for Wifey and I - she gets a sleep in and I can plough through my study).  We'll start next weekend - hopefully either 7 or 8am on Saturday mornings.

On a different note, week one in the new job is over.  It'll be interesting - to a point.  I hope that it'll continue to challenge me (all jobs do in the first couple of weeks until I get my head around things).  Had a chat with my manager and he's all for me taking on other things (might've had something to do with (a) me saying I get bored when things become too routine, and this results in me looking elsewhere, and (b) me saying I knew how to use a data analysis program that pretty much no one else there does...and they pay a fortune to outsource their analyses that could be easily done in-house).  Will play the ol' wait & see game.  At least I'm not feeling as mentally and physically exhausted at the end of the week as I was in my old job!  A shorter commute (about 60-70% shorter) may have something to do with that...

Last night's dinner: Spaghetti & meatballs with lotsa veges in the sauce (using wholemeal pene, not spaghetti).  Starting to work on portion control now.

The Book of General Ignorance fact: Lemmings don't commit suicide.  Due to their profound breeding, they overpopulate and essentially run out of space.

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