Friday, September 24, 2010

12WBT +5

Yesterday's lunch, the left-over soup, wasn't that good.  Perhaps it's the yoghurt in it? I don't know.  I just didn't...satisfy me.  Don't get me wrong, it was filling and all - but I don't think it was what my body expects for lunches (a bit more flavour/texture).  Might leave it as a dinner, not a lunch, next time.  We'll see.

I was über excited yesterday.  For the first time since last Saturday morning, my muscles were no longer aching.  I was able to bend down (bending my knees, of course) and not curse & swear at the agonising pain.  (I know, agonising is a bit dramatic, but I'm still getting used to this whole exercise thing.)

Have been scribbling notes down on the weekly menu & training plan - more so I can remember what I've done or what I thought about meals etc.  I feel like a right geek keeping all these notes.  In saying that, it's come in handy as PT has asked me to flick her what I've eaten on a couple of days and I'm able to say - including the snacks, which is something I've not ever really paid attention to (another reason I'm a lard-arse at the mo', perhaps?).  I guess I've not really considered snacks to be eating (like the three main meals).  

Toning Thursday.  Wasn't 100% sure whether to do the indoors one or the outdoors one.  I opted for the indoors version.  Dug out the DVD Wifey bought the other day - 10 Minute Solutions: Burn Off Belly Fat.  I did all five x 10min sessions.  Perhaps not well.  It did serve one purpose (no, not realising I have abs somewhere in there...deep, deep down...under all the layers...) - it re-emphasised the fact that I have next to no flexibility.  My hamstrings are wound up like an E or first string (<--anyone get the reference here?).  Can't straighten my legs - when lying on my back, the further I lift them off the ground, the more my knees bend.  Very amusing, but makes for some difficulty in doing exercises proper good ;)

Was naughty at dinner.  Wifey wasn't home tonight and I couldn't be arsed cooking.  Ended up having another round of breakfast, with a slice of toast and honey (for desert ;) ).  Luckily I don't mind cereal & fruit, eh? :)  This is one of my bad habits - if I'm home alone, I don't want to cook and either skip dinner or have something 'quick & easy'.  Now, my 'quick & easy' will be limited to things on the menus (so I can keep check of calories consumed).  It's all good...ish.


  1. Don't worry - you aren't the only one keeping notes. I printed out the tracker today and with my friend at work (who is also doing 12wbt) we worked out what we were having for lunch, who was cooking what (so we are sharing the food) and what we are having for dinner etc etc. We are sticking to the calories and slightly altering the plan to suit our individual lives / family requirements etc.

    So, in the end if you have breakfast for dinner, it's all good as long as you keep it in the calories.

    Good luck for this week :)

  2. Phew - I thought I was being too much of a geeky-swot ;)

    I'm figuring it's a good way of keeping track of what works/what doesn't etc - especially the meals.

    Great idea sharing the lunches with a workmate - I started at work the week or so before the program kicked in, so didn't really know anyone. At least Wifey is happy to eat what I'm eating (I'm very lucky having her support :) ).

    Bring on week 2! Good luck to you, also :)