Tuesday, September 21, 2010

12WBT +2

I survived day 1!  Wonder if there are t-shirts for this major feat? ;)

Ate brekkie - which is virtually unheard of, save for weekends - AND had "playlunch".  All very, very healthy.  Not quite following Mish's recipes to the letter.  I added cinnamon to the yoghurt (which was also easi-yo LF & unsweetened Greek).  I also had 11g of puffed rice.  I was worried about having brekkie - my experience has always been that I'm starving through the day when I do (I know, I know - it just means the metabolism's going).  I had a couple of teaspoons of mixed seeds for "playlunch" and a hardboiled egg for "afternoon playlunch".

Lunch itself was strictly adhered to - except for the adding of additional garlic.  Mmm.  Garlic.  It was very tasty - but very, very soggy (given it was made the night before).  Next time - prep the night before and make at work!  Still.  Enjoyable.

Got home and did a work out.  Nothing earth-shattering.  We bought the Biggest Loser 3-pack and I did the 'Cardio Burn' warm-up and part 1.  Then did the outdoor circuits (except for the lap, as I'd done the DVD warm-up).  After 30mins, I went for a 15min power walk to St Leonards to meet Wifey - who kindly was volunteered to time me doing the 1km time trial...which I did in 6min 15sec.  Wasn't happy with the time but, hey, it's a start!  Did the rest of this week's challenges, too.

Was looking through the recipes for the rest of this week and got a wee bit miffed.  Some of the quantities on the shopping list just don't marry up with the recipes.  Take, for example, yoghurt.  The shopping list suggests 500g - which is perfect for the cauliflower soup on Weds (mmm, looking forward to this, just BTW).  What about breakfasts, huh?  Gee, make us do some mental work as well as the physical, why don't ya? ;)  haha.  Also, more mental workouts with having to double-check where things are (beef mince under cans & packets?).  Ahh, it's all good though :)

Dinner was yummy - I was not looking forward to a sparse pizza, but HELLO!  It was rather scrummy.  Even though I'm a bloke and can have 1800cals, I found that having what was listed was actually more than adequate.  I wasn't hungry (is this a good or bad thing? ;) ).  Let's hope the next 83-odd days will be the same!

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