Sunday, September 19, 2010

12WBT -2

Oh dear God.  I'm now worrying about what I've let myself in for getting a PT!  In all fairness, it was my idea for Wifey to sign me up with her PT - and to have a joint session with Wifey (which I'm well looking forward to).  It's just that it's happening sooner than I thought.  Wifey got home from her PT session (again, I walked up and met her to walk her home - this has almost been the total sum of my exercise for the last couple of months) and informed me that we're to have our session at 7.30am.  This sounded good in my head when I said I wouldn't do a session after 9am (to save the embarrassment of being seen huffing & puffing).  The reality started to sink in and it wasn't feeling good ;)

I enjoyed the walk up to meet Wifey today.  Why?  Because I sat on my arse all day at work.  I had to get some reports written and out for sign-off.  It was not very much fun - or very active.  Being able to move around was a welcome relief.

Last night's dinner: Kofka with couscous, steamed veges & yoghurt.

The Book of General Ignorance fact: The most dangerous American in history was most likely on Mr Thomas Midgely - the inventor of not only CFCs but lead in petrol.

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