Sunday, September 26, 2010

12WBT +6

Hmm.  Friday was an odd day.

Work seemed to be very productive, which is always good.  I did take an early mark so I could go home and exercise.  While I was on the train I flicked a text to Wifey to suggest I meet her after work (being a school teacher, that was around 4pm-ish).  Bye-bye exercise.  I thought I'd just do it when she was up at the gym with PT - but nope.  Instead, I made a start on cooking the lasagne for dinner (somehow missing the bit in the recipe where it said it made 6 servings!).  Walked up to meet her, as is the routine on a Friday.  That, as it transpired, was my exercise for the day.  Friday, therefore, became my rest day - exercise shall take place on Sunday.  No worries, mate.

Can I just say, I THOROUGHLY enjoyed lunch today.  That salad was top notch.  Bring on more like that!  

Printed out the exercise plans, shopping list and menus for the week.  Already seeing a few tweaks that are needing to be made (anywhere fish is mentioned, our house will be changing it ;) ).

Oh, we were having friends over for dinner on the weekend so Friday night was also spent prepping dinner (calorie overload imminent!).

But, yeah.  So why was Friday odd?  Well, short of a few changes to our regular scheduling, it just didn't really seem like a Friday.  There was none of the usual jubilant rumblings from the office - it just felt like any other week day.  If I wasn't so tired, I could've got up the next morning and headed into work...  Let's hope that doesn't happen!  (I'd like to think I'd notice (a) the train schedule being a bit out of kilter, (b) fewer people on the train, and (c) Wifey giving me odd looks ;) ).

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