Thursday, September 30, 2010

12WBT +11

Weigh-in Weds.  Wahoo.  (Intense sarcasm intended ;) )

I sat down on the bathroom floor and had a very good one-on-one with the scales*.  I gave them my point of view on things.  They sat in silence and contemplated what I had to say.  We mutually agreed that I would weigh myself and they would not be rude back.

It seemed to do the trick.  Down 1.2kgs.  Okay.  Not the greatest.  But still a loss (1.1% of starting weight - only about another 29kgs to go ;) ).  Worked out that if I could sustain losing that each week, then I'll be uber happy before the trip to Africa.  Noice!  Also worked out that if I upped the ante and start the morning exercising - and throw in the afternoon/evening ones as well - I could perhaps drop a few extra.  I don't want to be an exercise junkie (considering the language I can come up with in front of the TV...and at PT) - I just want to change my lifestyle and maintain a lower weight (and increased activity level).

Before I forget - last week I said that the salad was the best lunch.  In the world.  Ever.  Please allow me the fickleness of revoking that statement and bumping said salad to number two best lunch.  In the world.  Ever.  The new best lunch.  In the world.  Ever.  Period.  Is the feta and pumpkin one.  How delish was that.  How easy was it to make as well? (This is also a factor in my voting - a major factor ;) ).

Once again, modifications to dinner.  Rather than beef stir fry, we were going to have tofu stir fry.  In the end, it became just vege stir fry.  Mmm.  Fans of stir fry in this house.  And this was another winner.

Exercise.  Did the Biggest Loser Cardio Burn DVD again.  I like this as it's only an hour commitment and seems to work many parts of my body that ain't had no working for a long, long time.  Another 735 calories bit the dust.  I know it's good to keep track of this, but I fear it's becoming an obsession with me.  I'm big on being competitive.  Now I want to burn off more than the last time...and I can see it being a case of me wanting to burn off more than I consume in a day (which will definitely help drop the kgs).  Don't know if it's such a good idea in the grand scheme of things though.

* Please note: I may have a streak of madness/insanity, but I didn't really do this.  Truly.  I didn't.

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