Friday, October 1, 2010

12WBT +12

What a

I was a bit peckish through the day - but not overly hungry.  Had a few seeds and that seemed to keep me going.  Wifey came into town and met up with me for lunch.  Again, went down and sat in the sun at Darling Harbour and then went for a leisurely stroll around.  It's nice doing that - strolling around in the sun.  People seem so happy.

Modified lunch so that it was a wrap.  I love the wraps...but I also love the salads.  There are some good ideas that we're going to be adding to our inventory of lunches for the future.  Can't complain about that - much better than just a plain sandwich.

We didn't really feel like the minestrone for dinner.  Instead, which most likely wasn't that great, we had macaroni with ricotta & pesto and cherry tomatoes (and I had some chilli on mine, just for a bit of a kick).  Mmm, was very tasty.

Tone-up Thursday didn't happen.  We went for a walk instead.  Another 550 calories gone (most likely what the carbs in dinner would've been ;) ).  Am enjoying these walks every second night - and the workouts in between.  Next week I'll be stepping up the ante and trying to do a couple of workouts a day...  need to start doing more to make it all more effective.  Will be absolutely gutted if Weigh-in Wednesday produces a less than desired decrease in weight.  If that's the case, then perhaps up it to three...or four...or five (s'ok - I will wake up soon; I know I'm-a dreamin').

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