Thursday, October 21, 2010

12WBT +32

Firstly, can I just say there are some crazy-loco people in the world.  Without going into details, one of these people - who has only ever received one email from me but has sent about 5 or phone calls to the office - sent another email about me (no one could work out why) and also sent it to the AFP.  Absolutely hilarious.  Made for a good way to end the working day.

I was all geared up to do a nice, long workout but (yes, I know, there always has to be a but) I had a Skype call with my PhD supervisor, which lasted for just on an hour.  It was well productive in so much as I don't need to work on my writing as he said I'm one of the best he's ever encountered - still have more to do content-wise though.  Again, continuing with my theme of being happy.

Don't get me wrong, the call to my supervisor was not an excuse to avoid exercising.  Quite the opposite.  It spurred me on even more.  How?  Well, it was the first time we'd seen each other in nearly 4 years.  When he last saw me, I must've been around the 125-130kg mark (can't believe I never really noticed how big I was though).  Now, fresh under 100kgs (see next paragraph for personal gloating), the first thing he said to me was, "Wow.  You're looking great".  Ego boost or what!?  Straight after the call, threw in my fav DVD (I can say this now - I don't swear at Shannon or Michelle anymore) and gave it just on an hour (and 700 calories).  

Oh, how could I forget that the happiness continued when I woke up (not entirely true, I'd rather have been sleeping than waking up).  Wednesday weigh-in day.  Last week was +800g; this week...-3.9kgs.  Yippee. I want to gun for something similar next week.  When doing the mini-challenge on Saturday, I said to Wifey that when I get under 100kgs, I'll stop calling myself 'Fatty-boom-boom' and use 'Fatty-boom' (only until I get to below 95kg.  Less than 95kg - 'Fatty' shall suffice).  She raised an eyebrow.  I find it funny - not insulting or anything.  Perhaps it's a deep-down psychological trick I'm playing on myself?  So, yeah.  Am down to 97.8kgs.  My goal, at some point, is to get to 75-80kgs - might happen during Round 1, 2011 (or perhaps Round 2...or if I get a tummy bug while in Africa ;) ).

Not sure about anyone else, but I thoroughly enjoyed the lentil spaghetti bolognese.  I do enjoy cooking such simple, yet delish, meals (simple = fewer dishes :D ).  The added bonus was that I felt SO productive.  Got home, had PhD call, worked out, prepped & cooked dinner - all before Wifey got home.  She was able to come in and sit down to a lovely dinner...with Mish's live video while we ate (which is a moderate change to normal, where we have it going while cooking).

I am mildly concerned that I'm losing weight but not really feeling it (mind you, didn't feel it last time either).  I guess that's a good thing - surely it must mean that there's an element to it being a healthy loss (not like people who drop it like a stone over a cliff but still feel a bit...strange).  My main concern is that I'm going to have all this excess skin - particularly around my belly.  There must be something - other than getting the carving knife and needle & thread out - that can be done.  I shall ask PT when we see her on Saturday (she's going to try and kill me.  I know she will.  Two weeks away and she will punish me...noooooooooo).  Ignore me, I think it's kinda like me being tickled - the more I protest, the more I really, really want it.  I thrive on the anticipation ;)


  1. Congrats EP that is a fantastic result for all you hard work. Have fun with your PT!

  2. Thanks very much. I want to keep dropping that every week now ;) In an ideal world, 22kgs more to go. Wifey thinks I'm being overly ambitious, that 75kgs would be way to small. We'll see. I am joking that once I get to that, I'm going to gun for 60kgs, then maybe aim for 52kgs - then I can say I'm half the man I was ;) All I get in return is a frown - haha.

    I don't know if one can ever have fun with a PT...