Sunday, October 24, 2010

12WBT +35

Went to the first weekly PT session in two weeks.  I figured she was going to attempt to kill me.  I wasn't far off the mark.  I was swearing left, right and centre at her.  She'd been planning her plot for ages, methinks.  The beep test.  Beep test?  Who on earth developed that torturous "activity".  I hate it.  With a passion.  From memory, I avoided it like the plague in high school (the joy of going to a boys' school - regular torture in PE by teachers who either belonged in the army or weren't good enough to make the ABs).  I persevered, with my usual smile and jovial nature.  No, wait.  I've just crossed the boarder from fact into fiction.  I was fair swearing like a trooper!  In the end I made it to level 5.  Is this good?  I dunno.  It's better than levels 1-4, I guess.  We did more activities designed to kill, but guess what.  I got my revenge!  I lived to tell the tale.  Ha!  Haha, even. 

There was one amusing part to the whole proceedings.  We were made to run up this hill, then run back down.  Someone, who shall remain nameless, forgot that he shouldn't take big steps whilst running down the hill.  Couldn't slow down and was screaming profanities rather loudly (this time directed at himself).  Funny in hindsight, not at the time.  

I shouldn't really complain though (but that won't stop me).  I managed to burn off 1095 calories in the hour-long session.  This pleases me.

Despite the good start to the day, it wasn't so good in terms of calorie intake.  We were going to have brekkie, but instead settled for 1/2 a protein shake each.  Lunch didn't happen until about 1.30pm (we went up to the Paddington market to see what all the fuss was about).  They didn't really have much in the healthy category, so I went for something tasty (egg fried rice and a pork bun).  Granted, it was ok and filling, but I didn't find it satisfying.  Oh well, perhaps this is the change in my lifestyle that I've been wanting? :)

On the way home, it started spitting (until then, it had been a glorious day!).  We were fortunate enough to get on the train before the heavens well and truly opened (lightening, thunder, hail, rain - all very brilliant).  The bummer was there was apparently a lightening strike at North Sydney that caused problems.  We were stuck on the Harbour Bridge (not my first time, I might add.  I was lucky enough to be stuck on one of the trains that was held up there on Melbourne Cup day last the swealtering heat of a non-airconditioned train).  What was normally a 10 minute trip home was nearly an hour.  Such is life.

The next bad calorie intake story is afternoon tea and dinner (combined 'cos I finished of the rest of afternoon tea for dinner).  We'd bought a lovely fruit scroll from a bakery at the market for afternoon tea.  I finished it off for dinner as I never see the point in cooking for one when Wifey's out.  

I think I did make up for it in the end though.  As I'd mentioned in an earlier posting, Wifey was having a chooks' night out so I thought I'd be bold and do the three Biggest Loser DVDs (Beginner's workout, cardio burn and calorie killer) back-to-back.  Starting at 6.40pm, I did.  The only modification I made was I never did the pyramid training in the calorie killer (we don't really have enough room for it inside and I wasn't going outside in the wet), so I did the circuit section twice.  Finished at 9.50pm.  Total of 2227 calories dusted in the 3hr 10min session.  Of that time, I was in zone for 2hr 20min - not great, but I'm still well pleased with it.  I most likely could've done better had I done them in the reverse order as by the end of it I was a bit knackered (not literally, of course).

A productive day, but not so good with the diet side.  At least the calories burnt would've made up for the choccy bars yesterday and the fruit scroll...  I hope.

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