Saturday, October 23, 2010

12WBT +34

A nothing day.

I have Fridays as my rest day (rather than Sundays), so there ain't not nothing much to report.  Will that stop me rabbiting on?  Nah.  Not me.  King of the rambling rants ;)

Brekkie.  Good.  Under the calorie count.

Lunch.  Wrap.  Can't go past 'em.  Tasty.  Perhaps a bit moist by noon.  Added extra to it (sprouts) to pad it out.  Yummo.

Dinner.  Avoided whatever was scheduled.  We were off to the theatre again (1927: The Children and Animals Took to the Streets) - and thoroughly enjoyed it!  Rather than whatever was scheduled (lasagne, I think), we only had time for something quick.  Out came the leftover frozen Creamy Cauliflower soup from either week 1 or week 2.  Was tasty.

Methinks we've started a small (but naughty) tradition now.  After seeing a show at the Opera House, we seem to be stopping off to by a gelato on the way back to the train.  Not sure how many calories are in them (but had one last week and didn't stop me dropping more weight than I thought I would).  Oh well, a treat is a treat.  Besides which, I don't seem to use Saturdays as treat days.  We try our best to keep to below the calorie intake.  And, PT said that we're allowed a cheat day (Mish, however, may frown ;) ).

Actually, confession time.  I snuck a couple of wee choccy bars in today.  Just the wee ones mind.  I felt guilty, too.  Guilt seems to work as a determent for future lapses.  I had, in part, a moment of weakness and also, in part, I was having a sugar low and needed a quick fix (excuses, excuses, huh?).

Have PT session in the morning.  Mixed feelings - have been doing well with the DVDs; even enjoying them.  What the hell is in store for us tomorrow.  Wifey's session was a killer for her, so a bit wary about it all...  Scary stuff to come...


  1. Great to see you doing well! You do have to watch those little chocolate bars, the more practice you get justifying them guilt free, the easier it is to grab one the next day, and the next, and the next... a very slippery slope!

    I've been enjoying your blog, it always makes me smile.. keep it up!

  2. Thanks, Jenifer.

    I was a bit concerned about that slippery slope. I'm finding though that if I plug it on my blog then it's admitting I've done it (rather than trying to hide it - like I used to do...but with the bigger blocks).

    Pleased my ramblings put a smile on your dial. Not much thought goes into them, just what comes into my head at the time. I enjoy reading other blogs - interesting to see the similar themes come out in the wash (and they're much better writers than me!).