Wednesday, October 27, 2010

12WBT +38

Reluctantly woke up this morning.  It felt like a Friday.  I need more Fridays each week.  

The move at the office finally happened.  I was in bright and early (7.30am - not so much bright...or early - more like my usual time) and moved my desk from one end of the office to the other (the end I call the isolation zone).  In our wee pod of four, there are two of us...and one is only in two days each week.  60% of the time I'll be all on my lonesome :(  My former neighbour and I talked exercise etc a lot and that was fantastic motivation for me.

Moving was good exercise.  Had to move two large filing cabinets.  Rather than getting a trolley, I just pushed them along the floor.  Tough going but I did it...only to find that they didn't fit.  Ended up getting a new, larger one put in for me and moving the two cabinets to new homes (without all the content).

Rather than having egg sandwiches, I took Mish's suggestion of having corn thins, for lunch.  As with yesterday, still over bread.  Brekkie was a toasted muffin (with nothing on it).  Snacked on the roasted chickpeas.  Dinner was the steak with mushroom & mustard sauce.  It was nice, but boy did I feel hungry afterwards.  Waited 20 minutes and then forgot about being hungry.  Go the tricking of my tummy ;)  Most likely wouldn't have felt as hungry if I ate mushrooms, but I don't - Wifey gets them all.

We juggled the menu around this week due to the fish starting the week off.  Must find another substitute meal.  Hmm.  Thinking caps on, folks.

The pain from Saturday finally subsided (though not before I moved desks & furniture).  When I got home I had to make another brisk walk up to the Post Office (10 mins each way).  I almost decided not to do any exercise after that but snapped out of it and chucked a DVD in - my favourite one.  50 minutes and 585 calories later, I was fair sweating and feeling knackered.  Even though I don't like it while I'm doing it, I'm starting to see what Wifey says about enjoying it after the fact.  

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