Tuesday, October 5, 2010

12WBT +16

Arrgh.  I am about to throw the worlds biggest tanty...and I only have myself to blame.  I couldn't work out how this is +16...when it's Monday, and Monday should've been +15.  Back to the editing page and counting back from the first day of the pre-season.  Meticulous counting.  This should be +16.  It's not right.  Grrr.  More frustration.  More counting.  More ending up with +16.  Even more frustration...laptop nearing its last breath...lounge about to have a new air con system (using laptop).  Monday?  Hang on.  It's Tuesday!  Oh, crap.  I've just wasted about 10 minutes of my life because of a stupid public holiday (if the God of public holidays is reading this, they're not stupid at all - I'm taking out my frustration of being a bit dim today on them - please feel free to give us more.  Thanks).  This also explains why I thought I'd invented a whole day over the weekend.  Oops.  My bad.

And ranting over, welcome back to our regular programming :)

Labour Day.  I like this day.  Well, I like it more when I remember to turn the alarm off so we can sleep in.  Stupid o'clock and there's this racket beside me.  Neither Wifey or I were overly impressed.  As it transpired, it worked out well for me (not for Wifey).  

Got up and did an hour in front of the tele (my new way of saying I did one of the Biggest Loser DVDs - either Calorie Killer or Cardio Burn).  Dropped something like 640ish calories.  I think it was more to do with not being awake and having more difficulty with coordination than usual.

Nephew 7/7 was coming over to spend the day with us (he's interested in photography so we offered to take him out for the day).  This, I suppose, was another reason for getting up early.  I was mid-way through making brekkie for the day (still not happy with the banana bread breakfast - that was pants!) and the Thai beef salad (without the fish sauce - yuck) for lunch when his train pulled up.  

We ended up going over to Cockatoo Island for a good couple or so hours (a great place for photography - if you're into old machines and buildings and the like) before heading to Circular Quay (to walk up to Darling Harbour - exercise is good, and saved sitting about waiting for trains and changing etc).  We managed to catch up with Nephew 1/7 (7/7's oldest brother - 1/7, 2/7, 6/7 & 7/7 are one family, 3/7, 4/7 & 5/7 are another - my sisters clearly didn't do very well in the cabbage-patch lucky dip ;) ).  He gave us a very quick tour of the office complex he works in (was good as it wasn't as busy as normal, being Labour Day and all).  Had a quick lunch and then took the cameras around the Wildlife centre at Darling Harbour.  Nephew 7/7 didn't do too badly with his photos (could've been better, but then I've still not looked at all my ones so can't bag him too much).

It was a longish day, walking around and trying to have conversations with a 14y/o.  I'm sure I wasn't as bad as he was when I was that age...but I most likely was.  Oh, joy.  Perhaps the prospect of teenagers to contend with in the future... ;)

I really wish I'd worn the HRM for the day.  Would've been interesting to see how many calories I'd dropped.

Dinner was another meal I enjoyed.  Getting a wee bit sick of pizzas (can't believe I've said that!).  I like them, but I wonder if Mish's ulterior motive is to make us feel like we never want to eat another one again.  Very cunning...


  1. What a lovely thing to do for your nephew!

    Sounds like you had a great day and dropped some calories in the process!

  2. Thanks - we don't usually get on due to a major personality clash, but it wasn't too bad a day :)