Sunday, October 31, 2010

12WBT +42

Up at sparrows fart for the session with PT.  Even though I had a solid night's sleep I was still not happy at waking up and having to get up for this.  As is always the case, even though I'm fair knackered afterwards, it is very refreshing and invigorating.  Poor PT got a few choice words and gestures from me as a result of my mood.  Hello, if she's going to make me do things that make me look like an idiot (more so than normal), then I'm going to not be a happy camper.  Wouldn't be surprised if there are YouTube clips of me doing some of the activities - taken by the folk living over the road - haha.

Following the workout (870 cals - not as good as last week, but still better than the 600/hr minimum I have set for myself) we trundled up the road so Wifey could get her haircut and I could do a few chores.  My grumpy face came back as it took an hour to travel the 13kms we had to go.  So much for the Pacific "Highway".  At least it was great weather.

Lunch, sadly, consisted of a pie (lunch on the run...).  Dinner was a bit better - an eggplant pizza (with some salami).  S'funny.  We were getting a bit sick of the weekly pizzas...then they disappeared and we were lost without a quick meal for a Monday night ;)

As may've been noticed, I've been slack with the updating of these.  I haven't lost interest in doing them - just...nothing much doin' in my 'hood and not really having much enthusiasm for sitting in front of the notebook.  Must attempt to work on the enthusiasm - p'haps it's the tiredness.

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